The essential tools to buy for school-retunring kids!

The essential tools to buy for school-retunring kids!

For each of us, 2020 has been a chaotic year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, however, things are slowly going back to normal. But what about kids and schools? What school supplies should we buy for our kids this year? How are we going to keep them safe and make them understand that many activities are modified?

In this article, we will analyse all these problems, as well as their solutions for the well-being and safety of our children.
This year came with an unexpected problem, it changed our daily routine, it tested our flexibility, our ability to adapt to online school and find the right answers, it showed us our vulnerabilities and how we depend a lot on each other. We worry not so much about ourselves, but about our children, our parents, and grandparents, and the beginning of the new school year comes to upset us, makes us make decisions, and not just on our behalf.

When do kids go back to school in the UK?

According to the Independent, most primary and secondary school children in England have been out of school since the beginning of lockdown in March and September will mark a full return to the classroom for all year groups, even middle school age. The British government is determined to send all British students to school in early September.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this is a "national priority".
Going back to school is one of the biggest annual challenges for parents and children alike. This year, the challenge is even greater. The good news is that there are many things parents can do to support and prepare children and teens to return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important fact: staying alert and safe!

How Coronavirus has affected to the children

The new school year comes with emotions not only for students! Frightened by the pandemic, parents are concerned with teaching their little ones how to follow health rules. Fear of the unknown, the emotions of seeing colleagues again after a period of isolation can contribute to changing children's behaviour.

It is very important to care for your child's mental health. It can be normal for children to feel stressed or anxious about Coronavirus, especially as day-to-day schedules have been disrupted. Also know that stress and anxiety can look different for every child, especially depending on their age. Specialists in education and psychology say that anxiety is the most common emotional problem among children who go to school, and can be exacerbated especially in the atypical context in which we find ourselves now.

A very good idea is to make your child happy and to encourage him every time. You can even buy gifts for kids from FireStarToys before school starts so that you can motivate him and to keep his spirits high. Continue to inspire your child to socialize with friends and colleagues, while maintaining, of course, social distance. This will help them feel more connected.

In addition to the protection measures of this period, it is extremely important to communicate with the little one and to transmit information that is understandable to him, so that he can gain an understanding of what is happening. Another thing we can do is help children feel as if they are in control of the situation, as this can reduce anxiety. In this sense, we can involve the child in activities that give him a sense of control, explaining for example that frequent hand washing and a sufficient amount of sleep can make him stronger and healthier.

How do you prepare your kids for back to school?

First of all, because we do not yet have a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, we must take other measures to reduce the risk of infection and to meet the challenges:

  • Social distancing at the beginning of the school year;
  • The need to remain physically active;
  • The need to have healthy social relationships;
  • Wearing a protective mask;
  • Handwashing

Every child must have the chance and the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, and parents can contribute to this. When it comes to shopping, among the backpacks and pens, there are now shelves with masks and sanitizer. Families with 2-3 children are preparing for much higher expenses anyway because the new rules no longer allow the shared use of objects in the classroom.

In the cold season, the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is lower, and the children's immune system is more demanding due to low temperatures. Besides, in the cold season, there are many cases of flu and cold, and they can be easily installed on a weakened immune system. Proper attire is also very important. Remember, when you go shopping to get clothes suitable for the season. According to many reviews and experiences of the parents, on TOG24 you can find a wide range of warm and advantageous clothes.

The benefits of buying a computer for your kid to learn online

Multimedia learning puts the student in situations of interaction, interactivity, and very fast communication. In this case, you can consider buying a laptop for your child. Children become familiar with how to use a computer from a very young age, which makes it easier for them to integrate later in university environments and even when they have to find a job.

However, you don’t have to buy a very sophisticated computer. Computers represent an integral part of everyday life, and If you spend some time reading users' experiences and reviews or searching for Currys PC World Business you can find the best laptop under £500.

The list of school supplies waiting to be bought is that task you can't postpone, no matter how much you want. We know that it takes time to wander through the shops, the stress of waiting in queues, and many neurons lost in endless discussions with the child who does not decide which pen or backpack to buy.

Returning to school during the Coronavirus pandemic may not feel like normal – at least at the beginning. But whatever form school takes, kids will need a lot of help to think about the positives of going back, especially if they’re feeling anxious.

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