Buying a printer: A complete buying guide!

Buying a printer: A complete buying guide!


Printer machines are quite popular both in the business and home settings. Hardly will you find a home without at least one printer machine. The reason is not far-fetched as most homeowners need to print out one material or the other. Rather than looking for places to print out, the best thing to do is to own a printer machine. However, the task of purchasing the best and reliable printer machine is quite difficult. This difficulty is because it is quite hard to find a good and reliable printing company that sells the printer machines with top-notch quality. 

Hence, it is very pertinent that you get more knowledge about the type of printer machine you wish to have and the recommended printer companies. For instance, you can know more about different printer companies and the services they offer by reading through US-Reviews to know what previous customers are saying about them. You will get more insights on different brands of printers available by reading through printer companies' reviews. The good thing about these printer companies is that there are several online stores or platforms for them to sell the printers of your choice. 

One of these online stores where you can get a variety of printer machines affordable is Argos. Investing in getting an Argo's printer or 3d printer from this online store will be a good choice. 

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Printer Machine?

Just as it is important to have a reliable printer machine in your office or at home, it is also important to know the major factors to look out for a while purchasing or picking out one. The following are the factors to consider when purchasing a printer: 

• Type of printer

• Size and Speed

• Usability

• Product Support

 • Price

• Extra Features

• Image Quality

• Maintenance cost

What Are The Most Popular Printer Brands At The Moment?

In recent years, both the physical market and online stores have plenty of printer brands for sale. These brands come in different inks and toners. They also have different features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular printer brands at the moment: 

• Canon Pixma G7020 Mega Tank

• Epson Eco Tank ET-4760

• Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-Format Inkjet Printer

• HP LaserJet Pro M15w

Why do Ink Prices Depend on the Brands Bought?

Do you ever wonder why the ink your printer use is so expensive? Have you considered buying a new printer rather than investing in getting a replacement ink for the printer? Well, you are not alone in this. Like you, most printer users, especially those who use it for business, also complain that the major pain they have with their printers is the price of the ink used. It is popular said amongst the printer users that the initial fund you use to purchase your ink and the printer is the first payment because you will need to spend more for the printer's maintenance and ink usage.

As scary as this point may sound, it is not to get you frustrated or scared of buying a printer. All you need to know is the reason behind the hike in the ink prices concerning the printer brand you own. You also need to gather more knowledge about printer companies that sell ink for various printer models at an affordable price. One of the companies whose major function is to take care of the ink used by your printer is PrinterInks. This company ensures that the ink required by your printer model is available and reasonably affordable. 

 The major reason why ink prices are dependent on the printer model or brand you have is that these brands come with different features that require different needs. In essence, this point means that the ink used for most of these printer brands are usually not the same. The reason behind this boils down to the engineering behind the making of these printers. Simply put, the engineering behind their making is quite complicated, especially for those models or brands known to make a high-resolution form of printing. The printer brands that perform this function are usually the ones whose ink is expensive. 

 Another reason for the increase in the price of ink for printers depends on each brand's maintenance issues. Typically, every printer user expects that these printers use ink solely for printing documents or images. However, this is not usually so as some of these printer models use ink during their maintenance cycle. For instance, inkjets also use ink to clean the print heads rather than just printing purposes. 

What Alternatives Are Available?

Although the ink is quite popular for most printer models, other alternatives can become implemented to help you ensure that you cut costs. These alternatives are the following: 

• Invest in purchasing Laser Printers

• Purchase a reservoir printer

• Engage the service of a third-party ink seller

Popular Printer Machines Errors and How to Avoid or Solve Them

The following are three major printer machine errors attached to the use of printers: 

  • Paper Jam

One of the commonest errors associated with the use of printer machines is a paper jam. Paper jam occurrence may be due to the use of the wrong paper size used or the improper loading of paper into the machine. To fix this issue, you will need to manually remove the jammed paper and reload the correct size properly. Paper dust can also cause the machine's clogging, which may result in the jamming of papers used. Hence, it would be best if you frequently wiped the feed tires and dust off the machine's inside. 

  • Cartridge or toner problems

If you face cartridge errors, it may be due to a manufacturer error or incompatibility issues with your toner. If the cartridge and toner are not compatible, it will result in poor printing quality. Therefore, to avoid such, you need to invest in getting the right and compatible cartridge and toner for your printer. 

  • Wrinkled pages

Another printer machine error that you may face is associated with wrinkled pages. Wrinkled pages are usually caused by worn- out exit rollers and feed. Moisture caused by humidity within the machine can also make the pages of printed documents wrinkled. To avoid this occurrence, you need to get a technician to check the machine to ensure that everything is perfectly fixed.

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