League of Legends – Top Support Champions (Patch 11.19) 

League of Legends – Top Support Champions (Patch 11.19) 


People come in all different shapes and sizes and, everyone employs a different set of skills and abilities. Gamers are no exception to this fact. Games like League of Legends are like heaven for people who want to explore different playstyles to figure which they are most comfortable with. Although to start off it is recommended to pick up a champion that you are comfortable with and want to start maining it. There are many support champions that you can choose from, but only the few are considered the best in this current League of Legends state. 

League of Legends – The Support Role 
In League of Legends, there are tons of champions to choose from, with each being exceedingly effective at particular roles. For example, Lillia or Urgot can be great Top Laners while, for the Support role, Zilean or Blitzcrank would be better. There are many options that you could choose from, therefore it might be frustrating on where you should start from, right here you will find the answer on what it takes to become a solid support player. 

The support role is quite often undervalued and not given much appreciation. However, this role can prove to be very important for winning a match. Here will list and discuss the top support champions in the game right now where only a few support champions can guarantee you a slight edge over choosing any other support champion. These are the TOP 3 support champions that you should consider picking up and elevate your League of Legends support role experience by a mile. 

Be it any support playstyle that you are leaning towards, you can't go wrong with Lulu. If you are looking for a champion that fulfills almost all the requirements of a support champion, then Lulu is for you. Shields, movement speed, she has it all.  

Along with being able to provide shield and movement speed, Lulu also has a strong poke.  Her poke allows her to win lanes, in some cases all by herself. 

Lulu can be a reliable pick for new players but, for more experienced players that play at a high elo, we recommend that you play with Thresh instead, especially after the 11.19 Patch. Thresh can help you pull off some of the most insane plays if you have the know-how about playing as him. 

Take some time and practice with his hook ability, and you will rule anyone when it comes to CC. Along with this, his Lantern creates tons of support for the team. 

Sometimes patches or updates can balance champions. Other times one or two champions become completely broken. This is exactly what happened with Soraka and the 11.18 patch. With the 11.18 patch came some changes to her ultimate which made her overpowered. 

Given the current state of things, it is hard not to recommend Soraka as a support champion. With the 11.18 patch, she can now remove Grievous Wounds before her heal which, as we have observed, has proven to be a game-changer. Although her heal from the ultimate has been nerfed in the 11.19 patch, it wasn't enough to keep her from being OP. 

The recommendations listed above should be taken with a grain of salt. This is because League of Legends receives regular updates and patches that balance the game. Some of these champions may no longer be at the top however, at the current state of the game, we are confident in our recommendations. 

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