How Online Companies Attract New Customers

How Online Companies Attract New Customers

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In 2020 the world has, essentially, moved online. Everything can be done at the click of a button; shopping, ordering takeout, finding a plumber, buying a house, sourcing an evening’s entertainment, and even dating! As technology has developed, connectivity improved and become more accessible, many businesses have moved online, and this presence plays a crucial part in their success. Recent statistics show that online retail is worth in excess of US$3.5 trillion worldwide, and this figure is expected to increase by 22% by 2023. 

Essential steps for online companies 
With this in mind, companies are always on the lookout to increase their profitability and market share: to do this, they need to ensure they continuously attract new customers and keep existing customers. There are many ways that they can do this:  

- Sponsorship: this is key for any size of business, as it helps solidify the brand and reaches additional demographics. Linking up with sports stars, local personalities, or bloggers/vloggers can help provide insight into the brand and product. 
- Online presence: anything a potential customer finds must be in date and relevant. Companies worth with SEO and search engines to maximise their presence; after all, who has ever clicked onto page 2 of Google? 
- Social Media: this works one step further than regular advertising as it allows brands to engage and start conversations with their customer base.
- Promotions: One way to attract customers is to offer discounts, money off, BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) and so on. Some online retailers offer sign up discounts to new customers. 
- Reward loyalty: successful online organisations offer a rewards programme to encourage repeat custom. For example, some will offer points for each purchase that convert into a voucher with a monetary value after a certain threshold is reached. 
- ‘Free’ anything: studies show that there is a positive psychological impact when consumers see the word ‘free’, especially when it comes to free shipping, and there is evidence to show that free shipping, especially when linked to a higher spending requirement, encourages customers to spend more, and more frequently. Some retailers also offer free samples, particularly in the beauty industry. This not only encourages a higher spend but also exposes customers to new products, in turn encouraging future purchases. 
- Exclusive content for members: this encourages customers to sign up, thus being prime recipients of marketing materials. The feel of being offered an exclusive offer works much like the ‘free’ anything concept and encourages customer engagement as they feel special and valued and are more likely to buy. 
- Competitions: some companies offer competitions to engage their customer base. By having people then vote for winners on social media, this encourages entrants to share their entry, and thus the brand, with their friends, helping disseminate the brand through social media.

How online gaming sites attract new customers 
Online gaming companies work in a similar way. Many of the big gaming companies offer several perks for members, including access to exclusive downloadable content, daily sign-in bonuses and discounts on their products. They also have attractive offers to entice new customers, such as one free download with membership or other free in-game item, and have rewards programmes set up for members, to ensure brand loyalty. One part of the online gaming industry that has gone from strength to strength is that of online casinos. As technology and connectivity has improved, and smart devices have become more affordable and commonplace, the online gambling industry has grown considerably: in the UK, the gross yield was £14.3 billion, 38.6% of which was generated online. One of the most popular online casino games is the slots; there is a great deal of competition as the barriers to market entry are low, and there are many companies offering online gambling.   

So how does Wink Slots, one of the most popular online slots sites stand head and shoulders above the competitions? 
- Joiners bonus (the Wink Welcome Offer): new players can gain up to 400% in bonuses when they sign up, as well as a bundle of slots and bingo games for free. 
- Wink Rewards: Members can participate in challenges and promotions to gain reward points that can be exchanged for bonus tickets and spins. 
- Daily Cashback: Regular patrons are rewarded with daily bonuses. 
- Membership: Signing up provided patrons with additional bonuses, including free daily spins. 
- Engaging themes: there are hundreds of different slots, ranging from retro games, to Egyptian mythology, from sports to TV and film inspired, meaning there really is something for everyone!
- Range of Wagers: Betting ranges from mere pennies up to several hundred pounds, meaning that there is a game to suit all budgets and styles of play. 
- Online Security: Patrons know that they are using a trusted website, that is safe for financial transactions; this encourages new joiners as well as keeping patrons coming back. 
- Compatibility: Having different designs to ensure that the gameplay experience remains top-notch whether on desktop or mobile, as well as adjustments made to support older technology. 

It is clear that an online presence is vital, and that with the sheer amount of competition, companies need to constantly ensure they are one step ahead of their competition, offering the best deals to entice new customers, as well as rewards to keep the ones they already have. 

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