How Fashion Brands Gain Loyalty Through Uniqueness

How Fashion Brands Gain Loyalty Through Uniqueness

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Competition in the fashion world is very tough. Getting eyes on your brand amongst all of the noise in the market can be an uphill struggle for many fashion brands regardless of size.

Obviously, for the larger, more established brands, a lot of this can be overcome with enormous advertising budgets. Get your product in front of lots of people on a regular basis and sales will surely follow.

But what if you don’t have such huge sums to spend on advertising. That’s when a brand's unique selling point comes in.

You may not realize this, but a unique selling point becomes a reason to buy because it sets your brand apart from all of the others. It says, “Look at me, I’m different”. In the world of fashion that’s like gold dust.

Even the larger brands do the same. Think Christian Louboutin shoes and red soles. Or even Church shoes with their distinctive brand stamp on the sole of the shoe.

In both cases, the peculiarity does not improve the product in any way, but it sets it apart from the competition, and that’s the whole point.

A Unique Selling Point

Make your uniqueness part of your product and you can then market that difference.

Look at Trench London, a UK based company selling trench coats and leather coats. Each one is distinctly Trench – the collar proudly emblazoned with the Trench logo, but only visible from behind.

Walk down the street and own the brand.

Buying Into Loyalty With Uniqueness

Very often practicalities and functions play second fiddle to form and beauty. This is the perfect opportunity for companies to exploit the desire in their customers to have something that is different.

But different comes with a cost. If that difference means the buyer is no longer part of a crowd then the offer may be unappealing.

The benefit comes when the unique selling proposition is something that the customer wants to flaunt. Being part of a special group makes the customer feel special themselves.

When this specialness can be marketed to others, and more people attracted to the group, then a community of loyal followers can be built and sustained.

Owning A Design

Perhaps one of the most enduring designs over the years has been the Burberry check pattern. Applied to everything from scarves to coats, skirts to gloves – it immediately sets the brand apart and leaves the viewer in no doubt as to where the item came from.

And indeed, this very distinctiveness made the Burberry checker pattern incredibly popular several years back.

But to this day, it’s still an icon of design and identifiably Burberry.

Online fashion stores know this and exploit this to their advantage. High end, quality goods are marketed and sold because of their unique appeal by online stores all around the internet.

Taking A Different Approach

This concept of uniqueness does not have to be a physical thing or a visible mark. It could be a feeling or an association. Many fashion brands actually don't own any designs, like Zaful, who copycats trends at lower prices. Therefore, sometimes in fashion, pricing can be a unique selling point like with Zaful.

However, when reading reviews about Jura Watches and you will be struck by the upmarket nature of the company. Only the finest, sophisticated, and elegant watches are sold. Here’s the unique selling point.

Or alternatively, consider The Luxury Closet, an innovative concept where high quality, upmarket brands that are pre-owned can be bought and sold online.

Sites such as these draw a loyal following of fans each their for the one particular thing that attracts their attention. 

Fashion Isn’t Just Clothing

Many people will mistake Apple for a technology company, selling us everything from phones to computers.

To others though, they are actually a design company, and they rely on distinctive, unique logos to put their products on a different shelf entirely from the rest of the bunch. Their products do the same thing that the others do, but they are different in their looks.

Open your laptop or talk into your phone and you’re flashing the label identifying the signature apple logo.

Just seeing that logo means you know it’s a different product from the crowd. It operates in its own unique way and users of Apple products are fiercely loyal to the brand.

There’s often more than meets the eye to create a sense of loyalty.

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