How and where to find the best deals online in the United Kingdom in 2019

How and where to find the best deals online in the United Kingdom in 2019

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We are conflicted with a lot of needs and unlimited wants and we wish to get as much of them as we can afford, sometimes, significantly impacting our savings or even borrowing in the process.

However, there are some wise people that have found ways to get more for less. They are able to achieve this by hunting for sales, discounts and free samples. With this, they are able to save less on a particular needs or wants. The money saved could subsequently go into their savings or be used to procure other items that they desire such as a laptop, phone or sim. With the advent of the Internet, this has become even easier. This is because you find sales, discounts and free samples from companies that are not in your local environment. Furthermore, the increased competition due to the Internet has caused many companies to provide interesting discounts and sales to keep their customer base and attract new customers. Here are some very effective ways to hunt the internet for bargains.

Scouring the Internet for Sales

A lot of organizations carry out clearance sales towards emptying their store. This could be because they have had a product for so long, they want to get new stock and want to get rid of old stock or they want to quickly sell products that did not sell after a particular event has passed. For example, a phone company could have a particular model of phone for sale. They know that once a new version of the model comes up, the price of the older model will quickly drop. Thus, they might want to carry out clearance sales a few months before the new version is released. With this, it would be possible to get the device at a lower price even when there is no newer version yet. However, for even better deals, you might decide to wait until the newer version is out. However, this option will imply using a lower version of the product. There are also companies that carry out promotional sales as a form of marketing their products. The best time to check the Internet for clearance or promotional sales for a particular product like a phone or laptop will be just before the product was launched or immediately after. Generally, a lot of companies do clearance sales in August and in January (to sell goods stocked for Christmas that was not sold) as well as immediately after major events. The best time to get holiday discounts, on the other hand, are during non-peak periods such as earlier in the year when fewer people are travelling.

Hunting the Internet for Discounts

A lot of companies offer discounts on their products. The discounts could be period or on impulse. If you want to be informed about when a company is giving discounts, you could easily subscribe to the website of such a company. Thus, whenever they have a discount, you will be sure to receive a message to that effect. Another way to benefit from discounts on the Internet is by making bulk purchases. A significant number of companies that sell online will normally offer you discounts once you make purchases that exceed a particular value. A lot of such companies will also offer you free shipping for exceeding a particular value in purchases. For instance, if you want to buy data or call time for your sim on three mobile, you will be able to get value for your money by subscribing for one month, since their services are majorly affordable. However, this could get even better if you are paying for 12 months or 24 months in advance. You could save as much as over 25% for buying 24 months advanced plans as opposed to buying one month on a Three sim only. 

Also, these kinds of discounts do not only apply to products but also to services. Hotel chains such as Park Grand in London, which is a 4-star hotel can offer deals that will decrease your overall costs, allowing you to spend more on other fun activities

Hunting the Internet for Free Samples

A number of products especially game, software, mobile phones, and laptop companies give out free samples of their products to customers to test. The customers are to use them normally for a period of time and give them feedback about the functioning or any lapses they notice in the operation of the device. They are expected to keep the device or software afterwards for free. Thus, you could register on the websites of such companies as a tester.

Where to start finding discounts

If you don’t know where to start, you could use search engines to search for how to get sales, discounts and free samples for products such as sim services, phones, laptop and vacation among others. You could also visit three mobile for some of the best discounts that you can get on three sim-only deals.

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