How to Get the Best Cosmetics and Hair Deals this Black Friday

    How to Get the Best Cosmetics and Hair Deals this Black Friday

    Black Friday is an annual event that happens the day after thanksgiving. A lot of questions have been going around regarding if Black Friday 2020 will hold or not. Thankfully, it is going to hold and since it’s usually the day after thanksgiving, it’ll be starting on 27th November 2020. It is the most competitive selling day of the year and it’s also one the busiest days to shop as different dealers will be displaying their wares at prices which are much cheaper than the original.

    So, the 2020 Black Friday is almost here, and it’s a perfect chance to tick up a whole host of beauty bargains from makeup, to skincare, and hair deals. It’s always worth making a whole list of items you’ll like to purchase ahead of the big day so you can get your hands on your most sought after products for so much less. There are so many deals, special sales hours, and many other offers that could overwhelm a shopper. Now that we know when the big day is, there are some predictions we might expect to see this year due to the pandemic and they are; social distancing, retailers will encourage people to do their shopping online and this means more cyber deals for Black Friday. Retailers would also likely start their Black Friday sales earlier than before, and one final trend we should expect are sales that extend to cyber Monday which falls on 30th November, 2020.

    As a cosmetic or hair aficionado trying to get the best deals this Black Friday;

    1. You should already know where you plan on shopping just to avoid a setback.

    2. Beat the crowd with night owl discount on thanksgiving.

    3. Know the store’s policies

    4. Compare prices.

    Having said all of that, here are few popular stores with good deals you might consider to get great deals this Black Friday.

    Buy Hair Products at Huge Discounts on GHD

    GHD is very popular hair brand with new hair styling products that started only with hair straighteners but with time they became global for other products. Maybe you have been using the same pair of hair straighteners for as long as you can remember and you know it’s due for a replacement but you have been handicapped financially to get it. Well, with Black Friday around the corner, you have a chance of getting the perfect hair straightener and other cosmetic products you need from GHD. This brand will be having deals on some of their popular hair dryers, hair straighteners, curlers, brushes and much more this Black Friday. Last year, GHD slashed up to 50% off the prices of some of its top products including hair straighteners, hair dryers and hair stylers, and they are expected to do the same this year. GHD products are also sold at a number of different retailers such as John Lewis and Amazon’s, so discount varies depending on where you are getting the products from. With this year’s Black Friday, you have the opportunity to get the most amazing hair deals on GHD. All you need do is to keep your eyes wide open as GHD will be starting their Black Friday earlier than usual this year, and you don’t want to miss this chance.

    Get Quality Cosmetics Products at Lower Prices at Lush

    Lush is a cosmetic company that has over 900 stores in around 49 countries. If you’re probably considering having a change in lifestyle and saving up for beauty essential products that are pure and organic, the Lush Black Friday cosmetic deals and offers might just be a great way to start from. There is no denying the fact that every woman’s dream is to have a glowing skin, but not everyone can afford what it takes to have one due to the high cost of modern cosmetic products. With Lush Cosmetics Black Friday deals, you can grab cosmetic products such as moisturizers, cleansers and many other makeup products at affordable prices. Lush is yet to announce the discounts it would be offering on products this year, but the brand had over 40% off its products last year.

    Cosmetics and hair products are essentials for women, but getting the best products could prove to be quite costly. With this year’s Black Friday around the corner though, many stores have slashed their prices and you should consider taking advantage of these annual offers if you are serious about getting quality cosmetic and hair deals at affordable prices. Aside from the two brands listed above, you should consider looking up other cosmetics and hair stores which offer good deals on hair and cosmetics this Black Friday.