Luxury watches: What makes them so popular?

Luxury watches: What makes them so popular?

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Ever since mobile phones started telling us the time, watches have begun to slowly disappear from many people’s wrists. Some still insist on wearing one anyway – to them, a watch is more than a tool to know what time of the day it is. The ones, who still wear a watch, are usually people that live a certain lifestyle:

Athletes wear a sports watch that measures their heart rate, workout time, and pulse. Friends of understatement and luxury wear high-quality watches like thediscontinued Patek Pihilippe Nautilus. But where does this deep love for luxury watches come from, and what does it tell us about the ones who wear them?


People who have a lot of money to spend often invest in big houses or flats. Others buy themselves a sports car. They love the nice things in life and enjoy the extravagance of luxurious items. By driving a rare car, they don’t usually try to impress anybody, but impressing people is a side effect that goes with living an extravagant lifestyle. Some wealthy people, however, don’t seek their happiness in expensive cars or houses. Instead, they seek it in understatement.

Understatement means presenting one’s skills, one’s capital, or one’s beauty in a humble, inconspicuous way. Luxury watches are the perfect way to live a wealthy lifestyle without being obvious about it. Connoisseurs will recognize a Patek Philippe Nautilus at first glance. But those, who don’t know much about the value of a watch like that, might not even realize how much value the watch wearer has strapped around his wrist. They will most certainly take notice of the decent and timeless piece, though.


No Upper Limit

The special appeal of luxury watches is that there is hardly an upper limit to their price. The Nautilus Ladies starts at a little more than £8.000, but you can spend almost £250.000 on special editions like the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1R-001 Q1 in Rose Gold.

There are designer watches out there, which were uniquely manufactured for designated people. The most expensive watch in the world is worth 55 Million US-Dollars. The Graff Diamonds Hallucinations holds more than 110 carats of coloured diamonds and is a dream come true to those who can afford it.

Watches like that are not meant to be worn daily. They are indeed more of a store of value for those who own them. But most Rolex or Patek Philippe designs are created in a way that makes it possible to use them as what they are – a tool that tells you the time and that doesn’t show off.


Popular Features in Luxury Watches

Most watches that have made their way up into the league of the most popular luxury timepieces bribe through a timeless and rather subtle design. Sturdy materials and high-quality clockworks make for timepieces that have what it takes to become favourites.

Some watches have what is called an eternal calendar. Even though they are analogue watches, their calendar never loses count of time, days, weeks, months, and years. Most of those watches will still show the correct date long after their owners have passed away. The everlasting functionality is what makes themthe perfect investment.


Luxury Watches online

Many online shops feature a collection of the most popular watches there are – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, TAG Heuer, IWC, and many more. It is possibly the best point of contact for those who would like to invest in their luxury watch. The great spectrum of brands and models allows buyers to pick exactly the one timepiece that suits them and their personality best.

But can you buy a multi-thousand Pounds watch on the Internet? Most online shops guarantee a certificate of authenticity for every single watch they sell. That means you can be sure about the high quality and the possible resale value of your purchase. Buyer protection is taken seriously: insured shipments, easy returns, payments via trusted checkout, and personalized customer service make for a great buying experience.

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