Are you ready for the 2019 UK Black Friday deals that will get you spending?

    Are you ready for the 2019 UK Black Friday deals that will get you spending?

    Have you been saving money this whole year to buy the latest iPhone, Sony Playstation or Xbox but still you haven’t managed to save enough? Do you want to buy your favorite brand but always you are a couple of pounds short?

    If the answer is yes, then seasonal promotions like Black Friday 2019, when prices are discounted, is the perfect moment for you to buy the best products you always wanted for less money! This year as well, we are certain that you will be able to find, across the UK, deals that will facilitate you in doing exactly that. It is generally known that people are more prone to spending more money when there is a huge discount offered. Either when talking about small discounts or even bigger, there is an underlying psychological urge, a hoarder syndrome if you like that pushes people to spend a bit more during sales periods like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Of course, companies are more than eager to exploit that urge using various tricks aiming towards increasing and boosting their annual sales. This year as well, we are certain that you will be able to find, across the UK, deals that you will love and help you save a lot of money.

    What are seasonal promotions and how can you benefit from them?

    When it comes to seasonal promotions, everybody is eager to dig deeper into their pockets and spend a few extra pounds. But exactly what are seasonal promotions and how can you benefit from them? Seasonal promotions are special offers, bargains and/or discounts that are associated with a specific time frame. Companies and shops use them as a great way to engage customers in periods that normally would be quieter and to bring in extra cash flow. The most famous seasonal promotions in the UK but also around the globe are promotions like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. In this article, we will briefly explain what are those promotions and when they take place.

    What is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is a seasonal promotion, one of the more widespread in the world. Originating from America, it takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving. Companies and stores take advantage of the holiday season and the subsequent shopping spree and rush to offer great discounts on all items in a wide range of products. During one day, people rush to stores offering such discounts to buy technology, fashion and other items at very cheap prices.

    Do you know what the real meaning is of Black Friday?

    We all know and see images and videos of people rushing to shops on Black Friday or camping outside stores waiting for them to open. But how many of us know the real meaning and the origins of Black Friday? Hardly anyone. Believe it or not, the origins of this day denoting the day after Thanksgiving, can be traced in America. Around the 1960s, in Philadelphia, the Friday after Thanksgiving, was a particularly hectic day. Shopping sprees were quite common and that the post-holiday rush resulted in heavy traffic conditions and in higher numbers of police officers in the streets to control and monitor all this traffic. Police officers used to describe that day as Black Friday, a term that was quickly picked up by the press and was quickly spread throughout the States and Europe. Other origin stories, concerning employees calling in, supposedly, sick at that day and comparisons with Black Plague are not hugely documented and might not be entirely true.

    When will Black Friday deals start in the UK?

    Since Black Friday began as an American “tradition”, it always falls on Friday after Thanksgiving, as mentioned above. So, this year, the 2019Black Friday deals will start on the 29th of November in the UK. Many stores and establishments hold few pre-Black Friday deals wishing to take advantage of the hype of the period. But the majority of those deals become available at midnight on the 29th of November (late night Thursday) and last for the entire day. Some enterprises will choose to host an array of offers, deals, and discounts during the whole week and/or the weekend.

    Best Black Friday deals to expect in the UK

    Usually, the best Black Friday deals in the UK are advertised days in advance, either through online or traditional media. Many of those deals also circulate through word-of-mouth but also companies take advantage of modern technologies notifying consumers in advance through social media posts, newsletters and other ways of advertisement. We have found and chosen for you the best tech deals, fashion deals, furniture deals, and watches to look for in the 2019 UK Black Friday.

    What to expect from Black Friday tech deals in 2019

    In the beginning, Black Friday was strongly connected with tech deals and products while Cyber Monday was associated with purchasing lifestyle and wider products. This is no longer the case but still, technology products hold a great percentage of tech deals. In 2018, top tech deals for Black Friday included smartphones (iPhones with the release of the iPhone XR as well as Samsung and Huawei smartphones), tablets and laptops along with deals that concerned smart home solutions.

    This year will not be any different and there are plenty of tech deals to look for in 2019. There is also a high possibility that these brands could offer similar deals in 2019. So, if you want to buy the new iPhone or the new Huawei, now is your chance. TVs are always the undisputed king when it comes to technology Black Friday deals. This year will be no different. The latest Qled TVs from Samsung, introducing an ‘affordable’ 8K TV are something to look for in the upcoming seasonal promotions of Black Friday. Those televisions offer a premium picture experience with bright, bold colors taking full advantage of the Quantum Dot technology.

    If you are looking for the perfect gift for your kids, Black Friday 2019 is the best time to buy them a PS4 or an Xbox One. Prices for those two game consoles are expected to drop since Sony and Microsoft have announced the release of their new game consoles: PS5 and Scarlett respectively.

    One place to always start from is Argos, promising to offer once again the greatest tech deals of 2019. But if you are a smartphone aficionado, do not miss out on the latest phone plans. Black Friday is also a great time to throw away your “old” phone and buy the phone you always wanted. This year, there are great sim-only plans for the new iPhone 11, the Samsung 10 series and the OnePlus 7 series from

    Finally, broadband plans from John Lewis Broadband could be cheaper to take out during Black Friday 2019 than any other time in the UK. Overall, during Black Friday you will find great tech deals and you will manage to buy that smartphone you always longed for at a cheaper price.

    Best Fashions deals to watch out for during Black Friday 2019

    Besides tech deals, some wait for Black Friday to buy that pair of boots or winter coat they had their eyes on for months. Fashion deals dominate also a great number of discounts during Black Friday. Last year, many companies and stores joined in offering great bargains in clothes and other fashion items. Asos, Topshop, H&M and many others offered during Black Friday 2018 a huge variety of offers. Chances are those offers that will be also available this year. So, look out for them. More striking is the case of John Lewis that already announced a Black Friday strategy. The company will be offering huge discounts in every area and department.

    Additionally, John Lewis will be implementing this year's Never Knowingly Undersold policy, meaning that through the day prices will be checked and matched against other stores for shoppers to enjoy the best offers.

    Furthermore, another Black Friday deals that stood out in 2018 were theBoohoo’s Black Friday deals 2018. The company offered discounts of 70% on many items, an opportunity that many consumers took advantage of. It is not highly unlikely that it will not be repeated this year and it can be a great option if you want to buy a completely new wardrobe for 2020 and renew your existing one without spending a fortune.

    And for those of you that are interested in inexpensive brands and fashion items, you should also keep an eye out for those deals as well! Companies such as Guess, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter, House of Fraser (had 60% off in 2018) and many others will provide great fashion deals during Black Friday 2019. So, make sure you don’t miss out on them!

    Black Friday 2019 provides the best Christmas gifts!

    With Christmas just around the corner, Black Friday is the best period to buy the perfect gift for your partner, your children, your family, your colleagues and everyone you love and cherish. And most importantly, without spending a fortune. If you want, though, to make a special gift to your special someone, you will be able to find luxurious watches and jewelry at discounted prices during this year’s Black Friday season.

    Black Friday watch deals in 2019

    As many of you already know, watches are expensive accessories to buy, especially if you have expensive taste. They are especially expensive for partners looking to buy a gift matching your expensive taste. Also, a great watch is always a great gift to show your love and appreciation for your partner. In 2018 Black Friday, in the UK, many brands offered great deals regarding watches. More specifically, ASOS was offering a 20% off for every item on its entire site. That included also watches with many rushing to buy them at great prices! Furthermore, this year as well John Lewis (you must have already guessed it) will be offering watches deals through its price matching policy. During the entire course of the day, you will be able to compare prices with other competitors and John Lewis will be matching the discounted prices.

    Black Friday jewelry deals in 2019

    The song says that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And it is entirely true! But not only for girls but for everyone. Black Friday is always a great time to look for jewelry deals, either for yourself or for your partner. Many companies offer great jewelry deals. For instance, in 2018 Purely diamonds offered a 15% off discount while Tru Diamonds gave a 25% discount off everything. So, if you are looking to buy a wedding ring to propose, a beautiful necklace for your anniversary, a blinking “I am sorry” gift or just a really expensive Christmas gift, then look for those great Black Friday jewelry deals in 2019. You will find all these and many more.

    Black Friday provides the best furniture deals in 2019!

    You might think that Black Friday is only for tech, fashion, watches, and jewelry deals but this is not entirely true. For Black Friday, you will be able to find great deals for furniture. Black Friday is the perfect moment to buy furniture if you wish to perform a complete renovation or purchase a new bed, new sofa, and many more items.

    Black Friday deals that will improve your sleep quality

    Sleep quality is always of the utmost importance and you should always prioritize a good sleep over anything else. If you were saving money for that perfect mattress or sleep item, then Black Friday is for you. On Black Friday you will be able to find deals for beds and many more. For instance, Mark & Spencer offered 60% off across all its departments while Benson for beds offered mattresses at discounted prices.

    Why Black Friday deals are perfect for home renovations and styling

    If you are looking to renovate or style your home, then Black Friday is the perfect time for you to buy all those home items you always wanted. John Lewis will be comparing prices with competitors and matching them so they are the cheapest in the home department. Selling a huge variety of items, there you will find everything you need to restyle your home and make renovating cheap. Buying home items during Black Friday 2019 will help you with that.