Writing Tips: How to Write Your First Essay at College

Writing Tips: How to Write Your First Essay at College

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The first time you write a college essay as a freshman can be daunting. You have tremendous pressure to outshine your peers, impress your college professor, and write in a language that is both - persuasive and informative.  

College essays also have a direct reflection on your grades and evaluation. However, it is not as complicated as it sounds, and getting that top grade is easier than you think if you just follow the below five steps: 

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You have a college essay due, and you have no idea where to begin! To avoid such a last-minute rush, it is better to start planning. Starting early enables you to research better, write polished content, and include some winning arguments.  

It also allows you to contact your college professor for their feedback and inputs before the final submission. As a college freshman, you are already occupied with classes and studying, so it is recommended to start at least two weeks before your due date, to have an essay that is well planned and written.  

There are situations, though, where whether you lack the time or the planning does not turn out to be executable in the end. Writing an essay is not an easy task and college students know it well. Same time, they should know that’s external help available when things do not work out their way. You could easily ask for assistance with an essay and  subject experts get papers written for you. Whether you are a freshman or old in college, assistance to enhance your education journey holds great importance. 

Understand your assignment  

A very important step to ace your college essay is to thoroughly understand what the assignment is about. Note down the expectations of your professor, grading rubric, and any reading material that you have been given. This will allow you to ask questions regarding the topic and get clarity on exactly what you have to write about.  

Skipping this crucial step could lead to low grades, without you knowing why! Knowing what you have to write about gives you a clear picture of how to research, write, and present your paper.  

Doing effective research 

Once you have clarity on what to write about, you should start your research. While there are several ways you can research, it is imperative that you set a time limit on researching, gathering all your data, and then skimming through to identify key areas that you want to include in your essay.   

Efficient research adds points to your overall presentation, and it grants time for you to actually write it well. As a college student, you have to make sure to research from reputable and credible sources, academic papers, or from experts, and to always cite these sources in your essay.  

Create an outline and start writing 

After gathering relevant data and information, start writing the article. Creating an outline or structure will help you jot down all the important facets of information you have to write on.  

College professors can easily identify unstructured essays as they tend to be vague and ramble on without a clear direction. A well-organized structure can improve the content of your essay. Writing should also be concise, and the focus should be on content that is high on quality rather than quantity.  

Read, edit, and format 

Now that you have finished writing your essay, it is time to read, edit, and re-write if necessary! Editing is necessary to check for any grammatical errors and typos or repetition of ideas, which can happen to even the most experienced writer. Even though it may sound tedious, editing adds sharpness and clarity to your work.  

Another way to edit is to have someone else read and give you an independent opinion of any mistakes that are invisible to you. You may have to re-write portions of your essay after editing, which may improve the structure and flow of your essay. Also, make sure to format your essay well so that the introduction, main body, and conclusion are well arranged. 


To summarise, writing a college essay, although intimidating, can be fun! Of course, it is different from your high school writing, but the challenges can be dealt with using tips and techniques recommended by the experts! A strong and well-researched essay can make a massive difference to your grades and boost your education experience.  


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