Real Fibre Broadband: An ultimate internet experience!

Real Fibre Broadband: An ultimate internet experience!


The internet runs the world. If you’re new to the conversation, then you’re about twenty years behind. Every form of technology now relies on the good old building block of connectivity and the internet.

To stay in the loop, advance with the world, and not be left behind, your internet quality must be top-notch. Can you imagine how annoyingly irritating a slow, unresponsive, and lagging internet is? That streaming ‘wheel’ that never stops rolling or even the struggle to send a simple email…. Yes, we get it too. No one should have to go through that. Simply put, if you’re paying for premium internet connectivity, it should at least meet all your online needs and not disappoint you when you need it.

In this article, we’ll take a crash course on Real Fibre broadband, and why we think you need to switch to it as soon as you can!

There are various internet service providers across the UK. Depending on your needs, BritainReviews helps you with tips and information needed to decide the best fit for your household.

What is Real Fibre Broadband?

Real Fibre Broadband is the latest technology in internet connectivity that utilizes fibre optic cables to deliver high speed and stable internet connections to homes & offices, whether for groups or personal use. It stands on the core of every development that has been made to the internet—speed, stability, and efficiency. You’re probably asking how this is different from regular broadband. We have answers.

The ‘internet’ cables before now doubled as telephone cables. Made of copper and running all the way down to the closest source of data exchange. These cables are responsible for carrying calls, texts (SMS), and internet data across networks. The load on the wires and the network as a whole causes ineffectiveness in the exchange of internet data that places a negative effect on the speed and stability of the network.

Real Fibre Broadband from KCOM
If you’re new to this and want to switch to Real Fibre Broadband, KCOM is highly recommended for you. KCOM has created a way to buy broadband with a freedom that allows you to choose whatever package (or speed) for a flat price of £25 per month for the first six months. Amazing right? So, whether you’re running on 70 megabytes per second or 900 megabytes per second, you pay the same flat rate. Think of this as a trial version that allows you and your household to decide which package and speed are best for you while enjoying high-speed real fibre broadband. The original prices come into play after the initial six months, and you can then subscribe to a plan that will suffice for the next 12 months.

Why Should You Switch to Real Fibre Broadband?

1.      Real Fibre Broadband gives you the highest internet speeds

As earlier mentioned, your internet speed is enough to provide you with an edge in today’s world. With the advent of fully remote work and other technological developments that are solely online, one needs a broadband connection with the best speeds. The fastest speed attainable on a standard broadband connection is about 100 megabytes per second, which is possible when the user is very close to the data exchange site. With real fibre broadband, fibre optic cables deliver speeds up to 10000 megabytes per second. That’s a hundred times more speed than the regular copper cables.

2.      Real Fibre Broadband is not affected by distance

The old guy, standard broadband, has copper cables delivering the connectivity from the exchange. With increased data load and distance from the exchange, there is a degradation in the copper cables which also causes a reduction in the quality of bandwidth. This technology used in the distribution is called Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), which is becoming phased out.

For real fibre broadband, the distribution method is known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). With FTTC, fibre cables bring the connectivity to cabinets closest to your premises (home or office). Then, copper or aluminum cables are then used to directly connect the cabinet to your premise. The fibre optic cable is more durable and can handle large volumes of data without degrading. Thus, your internet speed is not affected by distance at all!

3.      With Real Fibre Broadband, stability is assured

Standard broadband cables also carry texts & calls. Because their use for internet connectivity was more like an afterthought, we tend to see failings in the internet’s utility. Sometimes, due to minor data overload on the networks, you have the internet tripping off and losing connectivity for minutes or even hours. The service provider is then compelled to make a repair or maintenance check while you lose hours of your productive time.

When you switch to real fibre broadband, the internet connectivity is stable regardless of the speed. This is because the cables are made to transfer just internet data, and that’s all they do. Fun fact, you can only have an overload or breakdown when you’re going above 10000mbps. Amazing!!!

It is sufficient for gaming, streaming, downloads, remote work, and any other internet-intensive activity you want to do. The switch to real fibre broadband will save you precious productive time, enhance your internet speed and make sure you’re never left behind. Do it now!


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