Telecom basics: what you really need to know

Telecom basics: what you really need to know


Do you wonder how our life will be without Telecom? Think of living a life without the internet, telephone and mobiles. We can not sustain our day-to-day activities without using telecommunication. Furthermore, people and businesses seamlessly connect on a global scale through it. As a result, it has become a fundamental part of the way how our society operates.

What is telecom?

Telecom is the information exchange over a distance. Voice, text, images, video exchange occurs through telephone (wired or wireless), satellite, microwave communication, radio and television and the internet. These technologies make transmission possible through the telecom arrangement of transmitters and receivers. Most of the time, two or more stations have a transmitter and receiver installed separately, but they can also coexist in the form of a transceiver.

How does telecom transmit information?

In the telecom circuit, which forms networks, information passes in the form of electrical signals. These signals are carriers that require modulation for transmission. The modulation can be either analogue or digital. Digital modulation is advanced analogue modulation. An example of analogue and digital modulation is amplitude modulation and internet protocols (IPs). Amplitude modulation is frequently used in radio broadcasting, while digital modulation occurs across the internet.

Established UK telecom companies 

The Telecom industry has witnessed enormous evolution after its establishment. Previously, telecom industries offered conventional technologies such as wired telephone, television and radio. But now, they provide their users with wireless mobile networks and the internet.

There are many UK telecom companies, but some major telecom industries include:

  • BT group 
  • Vodafone 
  • O2
  • Sky
  • EE
  • 3
  • Talk talk group 
  • GiffGaff
  • Lycamobile 
  • Virgin mobile UK


Which telecom company to choose? Use reviews

Every telecom provider promises to deliver the best quality services. But, not everyone gives what you want. You can choose the best one by looking at honest and genuine reviews of the providers that live up to their promises. BritainReviews is a platform that provides reviews to compare customer satisfaction, pricing, delivering and ordering of more than 140 telecom providers and choose the most suitable one. Furthermore, reviews of telecom companies  provide transparency and a safe feeling while buying services online because you never know what you will get from the other side. So, it promotes a safer online shopping experience by choosing the most appropriate for your telecommunications needs.
Whether you need internet, hosting, telephone, mobile, tv, films and streaming, this platform gives feedback from people who have hands-on experience with products or services from these telecom providers.

How do telecom companies make money?

The telecom companies generate a low revenue from recharge and top-up. Consequently, the companies look for new revenue streams to make money. With many telecom companies in the market, the competition has reduced profit margin from voice, data and text services. So, they offer their consumers value-added services over their traditional services to make money. One of the value-added services is mobile money.

Value-added services

Value-added services are only beneficial if the subscriber is an active participant. But, telecom companies make money by providing high-speed internet access. The unlimited benefits of high-speed internet access make more people use them for their personal and business work.

Revenue from corporate clients

Telecom providers do not make a vast profit from small business and residential use of their services. Because the telecommunication market is very competitive, telecom companies have to keep their prices to a minimum. But, telecom companies generate considerable revenue from their corporate clients. These clients prioritize quality, data protection and good network coverage over the pricing. They pay more than a small business or residential owners to avoid any interruption in their electronic communication.

Renting network to other companies

Companies that can entertain more traffic on their circuit allows other companies to use it by providing rent. It gives additional revenue along with revenue generated from their customers.

Telecom networks and services

Telecom networks and services consist of fixed telecom services and wireless telecom services. The fixed telecom services include services such as broadband and telephony given over landline. On the other hand, wireless telecom services comprise mobile phone and mobile broadband services. As many companies offer All-in-one package services, they may provide both fixed and wireless telecom services.

How to use telecom services?

Depending on your needs, telecom companies offer various plans that cover either fixed or wireless or both. Each package comes with different pricing, so you can choose the one that meets your budget and requirements. After a monthly or yearly plan subscription, the company bills you accordingly. If a network failure occurs or needs a device repair, you should consult their customer support.

Why do people use telecom services?

Telecom services come with innumerable benefits for people. Here is why people use them.

Distance learning

High-speed internet has brought people out of the traditional classroom environment and promoted distance learning. You can take education from any part of the world from your desired educational institution. It is cost-effective and allows students to save money from travel and accommodation near the educational institution.

Accessibility to vital resources

Before telecom services, people living in far-off regions did not have access to vital resources. Now, people living in these regions use the internet to avoid commute expenses and save time. 

Connect with family and friends

In the digital ecosystem, telecommunication has eradicated the barriers through social networking. People connect with their family and friends through social networking sites to share their information. Furthermore, the advancement in telecom has made phone calls, text messaging, and emails effortless.


Many organizations do not have all experts under one roof. The experts are connected through telecom services to communicate essential information and bring solutions to the problems in an effective way.


With the advancement in telecom service, work from home has become simple. It has increased the flexibility for women to work from their homes and look after their newborns too.

Internet service providers

A bad internet connection is more than an inconvenience. It increases stress when your work gets affected. So, everyone looks for an internet service provider that gives good speed at a great price.
As there are many Internet service providers (ISP) with different packages, it becomes difficult to choose the right one with minimum interruption and superior customer service. Every ISP website exhibits the best performance but does not provide the actual image. The customer reviews on BritainReviews regarding ISPs are crucial for picking the right one for your needs.
If you want to dig deeper into internet service providers, check out a comprehensive guide to internet service providers.

Tv providers

There is not a single living room in the United Kingdom that does not have a tv set. People who love watching movies, series or shows have a tv in their bedrooms too. Nowadays, people prefer to watch channels of their choice by paying for them. Either they take a standalone package or a combination package with broadband.
While weighing out packages deals, you may wonder whether the subscription to pay-tv is worth it or not when you can subscribe to amazon or prime instead.
If you are unsure and want to know more about tv providers, take a closer look at tv providers services.

Mobile phone deals

Investing in a good phone is a huge task. You may ask around to know the best phone deals, but not everyone knows your liking and requirements. If you have already decided to buy a phone of your choice, it is workable. But, when you do not know which mobile phone to buy,
When buying a phone, you should consider factors such as data cap, network privileges, storage size and operating system. Everyone has different preferences, but you should consider the one that fulfils your needs.

If you already have a handset and require a SIM, you can opt for SIM-only deals. As many companies offer it, you can make a comparison to decide the most suitable package. SIM-only deals are also beneficial if you do not want phone contracts or found a cheaper deal in buying a handset alone. Either way, the choice is yours. Get to know more about mobile phone deals.

In a nutshell, the telecom industry completely transformed the way how our society operates. The world has now become a global village due to telecommunication. Furthermore, our life surrounds telecommunication, whether it is to attain education or to work from home. As there are many telecom companies in the UK, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Customer feedback and the hands-on experience of customers give you a clear image of what you should expect when buying services from them. BritainReviews provides customer ratings and opinions about more than 140 companies that provide All-in-one packages, tv providers, mobile phone deals and internet and hosting to choose that meet your expectations.

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