3 Ways to Stand out Online

3 Ways to Stand out Online

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In the age of the internet, your online presence is your personal shopfront. As online shopping becomes increasingly popular – and more and more businesses start to compete for custom – it’s never been more important to stand out online.

From online dating to fun games at NetEnt spins, the average Brit spends 24 hours a week online, according to Ofcom. Cutting through the noise to reach customers who will come back to you again and again is any business owner’s dream – but with estimates suggesting that we’re bombarded with more than 5,000 marketing messages a day, how can you make sure that yours stand out?

In this post, we’ll be sharing our top 3 ways you can stand out online.

Earn customer reviews

When it comes to winning new customers, online reviews are your new best friend. Research has shown that reviews are one of the most important factors in converting traffic to sales, with a staggering 9 in 10 people claiming that they always read reviews before committing to a purchase.

To encourage your existing customers to leave reviews, you’ll need to provide a good enough experience that they feel compelled to share. Adding a personal touch, such as sending an email to thank them for their custom or giving them a personalised offer code, can really help cement your business in their mind.

If you receive a negative review, don’t despair! This is still an opportunity to stand out online – and not for the wrong reasons. The way you respond to criticism will show future customers a lot about the way you handle your customers, so reply quickly, helpfully, and kindly.

Post regularly on social media

We all know that social media marketing is an important tool when attempting to stand out online. However, it’s not enough simply to post if and when you have something new to share. Regular social media posts are crucial to catching the attention of consumers.

There’s a straightforward reason for this – we’re more likely to remember stuff we see regularly. Whether you choose to post three times a week or three times a day, finding a social media schedule which works for your business should be one of your top priorities.

And your job isn’t over once you’ve pressed that ‘share’ button. Engage your followers by replying to comments, creating valuable conversations, and making people feel they have your attention. Personalisation is one of the top trends in B2C marketing – so try it for yourself to stand out online.

Focus on the UX of your website

It’s all very well having a stunning website, but if it isn’t converting your traffic into customers, you may as well not have a website at all. The design of your website shouldn’t be impressive for the sake of it – instead, find a striking layout which provides a seamless UX journey.

UX stands for ‘user experience’, covering all the aspects which make a website usable and fit for purpose. This includes everything from the load time of your webpage to how quickly customers can find your ‘About Us’ tab.

As customers increasingly turn to the internet for their shopping – and become less tolerant of web-based bugs – perfecting the UX of your site is one of the most important ways you can stand out online.

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