7 Top Tips for Shopping Online This Christmas

7 Top Tips for Shopping Online This Christmas

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The appetite for eCommerce shopping is growing. According to Yodel, 31% of customers plan to shop online this year for Christmas; this number has increased since 2020, at which point only 7% planned to shop using the web. 

Here are a few reasons why more people are buying online: 

  • Mobile optimised, user-friendly websites make the customer buying experience quicker and easier than shopping in-person.
  • Customers can compare products from hundreds of retailers in one place.
  • In comparison to high street stores, there's more variety online for shoppers to choose from.

To make the most out of shopping online for the festivities this year, here are 7 top tips to ensure you find what you need at the best price, and it's delivered in time for the big day. 

1. Start Shopping Now
Starting your Christmas shopping now rather than later will prevent you from missing out on gifts that have gone out of stock. And allow enough time for your items to be delivered, which leads us to our next tip. 

2. Check Delivery Times
Before clicking the buy button, take a peek at the expected delivery date for your chosen item. 

The timescale will depend on the country the item is coming from and the availability of your chosen product. 

With an idea of what day your gifts will arrive, you can gauge whether you have enough time before Christmas to receive them, wrap them up and send them to your friends and family.

3. Read Reviews 
To avoid buying poor merchandise from untrustworthy sellers. Turn to customer reviews for guidance.

Authentic reviews and images will give you a good indication of a product's value and whether it matches the pictures and description presented by the retailer.

4. Use Cashback Sites 
Cashback sites offer customers money back on purchases, with retailers advertised on their website. 

The cashback site will record the purchase made with a retailer from their website. And a percentage of the purchase price will be credited back to the customer's cashback account in a few weeks or months.

Customers can register their details with sites such as Quidco and Top Cashback. 

5. Compare Prices  
Find the lowest prices online by using the Google Shopping tab. This is a great starting point for customers to view a particular product from various retailers. 

By using the filter tabs, customers can sort the products by price and check where offers free delivery. 

6. Abandon Basket Online 
A sneaky tip that could secure Christmas shoppers a discount is purposely leaving their online basket.

Abandoning your online basket often causes retailer websites to send you a prompt to finish your purchase by offering you a discount on your basket. Saving you a significant amount of money while shopping online!

7. Shop Online with a Credit Card 
For purchases over £100, use a credit card to pay, and you'll get extra protection under section 75 of the consumer credit card act. 

In turn, if the goods aren't delivered or are faulty, you can ask your card provider to reclaim the cashback from the seller. 

This Christmas, you can save time and money by sourcing the best deals with the tips for shopping online above.

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