Sony Vs. Microsoft: The never ending rivalry!

Sony Vs. Microsoft: The never ending rivalry!

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The dominance of Sony and Microsoft in various technology sectors is simply indisputable. Excelling and often innovating in every field they operate in, these two titans either collaborate with amazing results or clash with equally great achievements. When it comes to the gaming industry, one question is on everybody’s lips: will the battle between Sony and Microsoft be a fair one? The next generation of gaming consoles, for both Microsoft and Sony, is approaching. Christmas 2020 will prove to be a key battleground in the struggle for customer preference.  Both giants will launch their respective gaming consoles: the Playstation 5 for Sony and a new Xbox (under the temporary code Project Scarlett), at the same time.

So far we know of some technical elements and specifications but we are missing the retail prices and the exact dates of launch. This new phase of gaming console competition reveals itself as one of great importance as in coincides with the launching of many new game consoles, either streaming ones or mobile along with the occurrence of Google Stadia, Apple Arcade and of Project xCloud that Microsoft will roll out soon enough.

Developers and companies are jumping at the opportunity to make use of new technologies, new advancements in virtual and mixed reality, new technical specifications of SSD storage, RAM capabilities, monitor resolutions, and Internet and streaming speeds to make the gaming experience the greatest one gamers have ever seen. Many companies are competing to take advantage of all the previously mentioned advances in technology and to gain a piece of the action meaning gamers are on the edge of their seats every time they announce a new major release or a new console, such as the case with Sony and Microsoft.

What to expect from Sony's Playstation 5

The PS5 will move towards an SSD storage array, something that will facilitate the downloading of larger and heavier games and will permit and lead to a considerable reduction of loading times. Something that takes 15 seconds to load on PS4, it will drop now to 0.8 seconds with the new PS5. Together with the SSD, the PS5 will retain the physical and mechanical support of a 100 Gb hard drive. In other Playstation 5 news, the game console will be compatible with 8K resolution even though, at this moment, this type of television screens is not yet widespread.

Sony has recently also made some clarifications regarding the new Playstation 5 new controller. As stated by one of the company’s representatives: “one of our goals is to reinforce the feeling of immersion that you are experiencing when you are playing. Τhis new Playstation controller will give you the opportunity to take a closer and deeper look in the way that touch can facilitate, even ameliorate, this immersion. ”

In order for this feeling of immersion to be accentuated, Sony has been working in two particular elements: the haptic feedback and the functionality of trigger buttons. The current rumble motors that have been in use since the 5th generation of Sony Playstations will be replaced with built-in haptic motors, thus offering a much wider range of tactile feedback. Also, the trigger buttons (L2/R2) of the new Playstation controller can be programmed to display a certain resistance within the game. Those innovations are exciting but their actual impact will depend on one thing: whether developers exploit these hardware capabilities in actual gameplay.

In terms of other Sony Playstation specs (as far as we know), both Playstation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett will be equipped with AMD processors. The Sony Playstation will include an 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU processor and an AMD Radeon Navi GPU graphics card. Its RAM capabilities are still unknown to this day but, as we mentioned before, it will be equipped with an SSD drive and a Blu-ray 4K reader. The maximum resolution is 8K (something that both consoles share) and the maximum frame rate will be that of 120 frames per second (another common ground on both consoles).

Concerning the controllers, we already mentioned that the new Sony Playstation controller will be equipped with haptic feedback effects, adjustable triggers, and USB-C capabilities. There is great speculation regarding whether Sony will also launch a new Xbox controller. The Sony Playstation will come with virtual reality features and will make use of the cloud services of Sony, called Playstation Now. The console will be backward compatible with PS4 games while the games that will be available during launch are still unknown.

The Playstation 5 release date is that of Christmas 2020 while rumors indicate the Playstation 5 retail price in the UK will be almost £100 more expensive than the previous model, the PS4. Currently, some retailers are listing the PS5 on their websites for the price of £430, significantly more expensive than the previous one. Finally, in terms of upcoming PS5 games, the console’s first game will be called The Lord of the Rings: Gollum with a launch date that of 2021. This will be an action-adventure game developed by Daedalic Entertainment that will present the narrative from Gollum’s side.

What to expect from Xbox's Scarlett?

The next Xbox does not yet have a definitive name and the name Project Scarlett is a temporary, working name that was presented during the E3 2019 exhibition. Like the PS5, it will be based on an AMD platform processor and will also retain the optical drive. It will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X and four times better in terms of load time performance.Its resolution will be able to reach 8K and 120 frames per second. The presence of an SSD drive has been equally confirmed. The presence of this will facilitate the reduction of loading times. Microsoft has insisted on highlighting the significance of “ray tracing in real-time”, a feature that permits more realistic reflections and lighting. The tech specs that we have available now, of course, are not set in stone. They are based on the best possible guesses emanating from the smallest amount of official information.

In terms of graphics, the new Xbox will run on an AMD Arcturus GPU that, together with the 16GB GDDR6 massive SDRAM, will allow developers to build even more detailed worlds around the players. As far as the new Xbox controllers are concerned, there is nothing but speculation. There is a possibility that the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, that will be launching in a couple of days, will be the next Xbox controller. But that remains to be seen. Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox console will be compatible with all the current and existing controllers, headsets and accessories. We are, also, unsure whether the Xbox Project Scarlett will be equipped with virtual reality capabilities. Microsoft employees confirm that Microsoft does not have any plans relating to Xbox consoles and virtual or mixed reality, suggesting there are no plans, but the possibility is always there. 

The Xbox Project Scarlett launch and release date will take place during the holiday season of 2020. So, we should be expecting it somewhere between October and December 2020, just in time for Christmas. At the same time, Sony’s Playstation 5 will be launched. One thing is for certain: the battle between those two technology giants will be fiercer than ever.

The retail price for the new Xbox will certainly be determined by the cost of the console components. Seeing as the Xbox is supposed to be a lot more powerful than the Xbox One Xor S, we are definitely expecting a higher price. We all remember what happened when Xbox One was launched and the mistake Microsoft made with its pricing. Its high price deterred my fans from buying the Xbox One and eventually led Microsoft to drop the prices, matching them to the launch price of the PS4. We will have to wait and see if Microsoft has learned from this blunder or will run the same risk again.

In terms of expected games for the Xbox Project Scarlett, we have confirmation that the Halo Infinite will be launching together with the new console. Exciting news for the Halo franchise fans that have been waiting for a new mainline Halo game since 2015. Halo, one of the original Xbox games and its introduction with the new Xbox console is a very symbolic and tactical move from Microsoft. The company and the developer of the game (343 Industries) have also released a new Halo Infinite trailer, to give fans a quick taste of the gaming experience to come.

Halo Infinite: Discover Hope

Project Scarlett vs. Ps5

When it comes to comparing those two consoles, it is like comparing two PCs. There is a plethora of information regarding the new generation of Playstation and Xbox available in many technology sites.  It’s hard to know what is accurate, however, and to reach a clear conclusion on which one will be the stronger console?

Official information regarding the PS5 comes from the head designer of PS4, Mark Cerny. The system architect and lead designer for Sony revealed that the PS5 will run on one of the faster SSDs and on a GPU that supports ray tracing. Also, the console will contain an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor and support 8K resolution and PSVR functionality.

n the other hand, Xbox Project Scarlett will be four times stronger than anything we have seen from Microsoft on the gaming side. The Microsoft Xbox department heard declared that the Xbox Project Scarlett will support game playing in 60 inches monitors at top speeds. Let’s not forget that the Xbox One is five times stronger than Xbox 360, a fact that only heightens the anticipation for this new generation of gaming consoles.

And finally, Microsoft has released the official name of the Xbox Project Scarlett and the design of the new Xbox Series X is something we have never seen before! Microsoft is positioning the Xbox Series X to be a gaming console that turns dreams into reality.

Check out the Xbox Series X's World Premier trailer:

Importance of reading reviews before buying one of the upcoming gaming consoles

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