Body care: An essential routine for healthier you

Body care: An essential routine for healthier you

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Body care, often neglected from a skincare routine, is gaining attention now. Just as you want your facial skin to look radiant and glowing, so should your rest of the body. If you use gentle soap during bathing and occasionally apply moisturizer to your body, you are not doing justice with it. Just as you have developed a skincare regime, it is time to do that for your body too. But how can you do that? 

Body care companies in the UK

The body care companies in the UK are formulating skin care products, hair care products, foot care products with ingredients suitable for each part of your body. You do not need extensive body care products to make your body feel good, a basic kit in your body care routine will give your desired results. What products should you buy? Let us find out.

Body care products

Body care products vary from your hair care and skin care products. Your facial skin is different from the rest of your body. Therefore, body care products contain ingredients right for your skin below your neck. The basic body care products include:

  • Body Wash with ingredients like shea butter, ceramides and plant oils such as olive oil, argan oil or avocado oil.  
  • Exfoliator with beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or sugar scrub. 
  • Shaving cream 
  • Retinoids and Antioxidants serum 
  • Moisturizer


These body care products are a must-have to develop a body care regime for personal hygiene. But, where can you find the best one? Many body care websites or online shops sell the same products and brands but at varying prices. The lowest-priced product does not necessarily ensure high quality. So, which company lives up to their promises? The reviews provide answers to all your questions.


Use reviews to find the best body care shop

Online shop reviews are essential in choosing the right company for buying your body care products. BritainReviews has more than 900 companies that offer cosmetics and personal care products. You can compare by reading the opinions and feedback of customers who shopped before you. So, you should take advantage of the hands-on experience of people and find the one that lives up to its promises. 

If you are looking for body care products made from natural ingredients and never tested on animals, you should look at The Body Shop reviews. Also, if you are not sure where to find shaving razors, creams and balms, you can visit Friction Free Shaving webshop.
You have body care products and webshops to buy from, but how do you have to use them? A body care routine is a step-by-step procedure that uses each product at the right place. 

Body care routine

There are five simple steps in your body care routine. 

Step 1: Cleansing

Use a body wash to cleanse your body. Body wash that contains moisturizing ingredients will help to avoid excessive drying of the skin. Lather up with loofah, hands or washcloth and rinse off. 

Step 2: Exfoliation

Apply an exfoliator, either a sugar scrub or the one containing AHAs or BHAs. The acids remove the dead skin cells and improve the texture. You can exfoliate the skin two to three times as your body skin is not as delicate as your facial skin. 

Step 3: Shaving

Remain in the shower for some time and apply the shaving cream. Then, gently use the razor to remove the unwanted hair. 

Step 4: Apply retinoids and antioxidants serum

Apply retinoids (Vitamin A) and antioxidants (Vitamin C) serum on your body. Retinoids will boost collagen production and rejuvenate your skin. Antioxidants will help in reducing hyperpigmentation and brighten skin. 

Step 5: Moisturize 

After you have followed all the steps, it is time to hydrate your skin. Apply the moisturizer to your wet body and let it soak up before wearing your clothes. 


In a nutshell, developing a good body care routine is as vital as your skincare routine. To find body care products, use reviews to compare companies that provide the same product at varying prices. Customer feedback and opinion will help you to choose the best among all. 

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