Everything you need to know about Online shopping

Everything you need to know about Online shopping

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Online shopping has become part of our everyday life. It evolved until buying products became a click away. But, how did online shopping gain popularity, and why do people prefer to use it? Let us uncover it. 

What is online shopping?

Online shopping is searching for items and services over the internet. It facilitates people to buy any goods or services without leaving their houses. As a result, e-commerce makes billions of euros in business each year.
Online shopping has become popular due to variety, ease of browsing, discounts and hassle-free return. But, how did online shopping begin?

The advent of Online shopping

Earlier, shopping for your favourite sportswear, electronics, and body care was not simple. Michael Aldrich generated a system known as Redifon’s office revolution in 1980, which connected suppliers, sales companies and customers. Though the videotex system was an immense innovation, online shopping emerged due to customer behaviour shift towards it. 

In 1984 Jane Snowball in Gateshead England placed the first order. Aldrich turned the Snowball television into a computer in which a shopping list was generated on the screen through videotex technology. She ordered margarine, eggs and cornflakes to local Tesco through the phone. The order then delivered to her doorstep. 

The next breakthrough was the creation of an online marketplace called NetMarket by Daniel M Kohn in 1994. It was the first digitally secured transaction with the first purchase of a string CD worth £10. As the internet made its way into homes, online shopping arose with big corporations turning to the cyber marketplace. Amazon in 1994 and eBay in 1995 set the stage for online transactions and became a part of the e-commerce industry worth £118bn in the UK alone.

Though tech experiments of genius like Aldrich and Kohn contributed to the emergence of the e-commerce industry, why people want to shop online despite retail stores is an intriguing question. 

Why do people shop online?

Today people almost buy everything online due to a variety of reasons. These includes:

Wide range of products

Not all businesses can afford to have vast space to exhibit a wide range of products. While selling online, they do not have an inventory issue and provide their customers with a variety. It appeals to people, and they prefer to buy online.
Initially, amazon started to sell books online, now they sell everything, from gadgets, watches, bags, shoes, clothes and even toys. 

Reviews about online shoppers

Online reviews are a driving force that has an impact on the consumer decision-making process. 93% of people look for reviews before buying a product. When visiting a physical shop, you only have a salesman that talks nothing but good. Online reviews provide genuine feedback that depicts the actual quality of products and services. So, people turn towards online shopping to get reviews before making a purchase. One such platform that provides online reviews about online shops is BritainReviews.
Reviews of online shops are divided into categories on BritainReviews so that you can easily explore the product of your choice. 

Price comparison

No one wants to buy an overly-priced item when you can buy the same product at a lower price. It is tedious to go from one outlet to another while it is easier to switch between sites. So, people opt for online shopping to compare the prices of products. 


It becomes arduous to take out time for buying products, especially during working days. So, most people save their time by shopping online instead of going to the shopping mall. 


Some people visit physical stores, examine the product price, quality and other parameters but do not purchase anything. Instead, they look for the same product online and buy the product through discounts. As there are more discounts on online stores than physical ones, people prefer buying online products. 

In the UK, online shopping trends continue to accelerate. Not all online shopping sites provide the best experience to their customers. So, it is pivotal to use reliable and trustworthy online shopping sites in the UK. Which are the best online shopping sites in the UK? Let us find out. 

Best online shopping sites in UK

Here is the list of the top 10 best online shopping sites in the UK that provides everything you need. 

  • Tesco 
  • Amazon UK 
  • Argos 
  • Currys
  • ASOS
  • John Lewis 
  • Marks and Spencer 
  • eBay UK 
  • Zalando 
  • Forever21


The user-friendly interface of these websites with coupons and discounts will entice you to buy more and add products to your cart. But, if you move wisely, you can save your money too while shopping online. 

How to save money when shopping online

When you shop online, you will come across irresistible offers on your favourite products. As a result, you may put a dent in your wallet. Then, how can you save money when shopping online? There are few ways through which you can achieve it. 

Limit your purchase

Everyone has different income and monthly expenses. Make your budget for spending and savings, and then use the residual income to buy whatever you wish. Limiting your purchase to residual income will help you avoid an unnecessary increase in your credit card bills. 

Use a discount gift card

You can keep control of your spending in online shopping by using a discount gift card instead of your credit card. You can buy a discount gift card from various websites such as Giftscards.com, Cardpool, Raise and CardCash. With it, you can buy a retail store gift card for less than the face value. 

Avail deals on your credit card

The credit card providers give deals with their partner merchants. Be it a clothing store or food delivery, you can avail yourself of the deals on your credit card by saving your desired item. 

Make use of your store credits

If you frequently make a large number of purchases from any store, you may get rewards such as cash back or store credits. You can buy other items and products using store credits. Never consider it free money, instead spend it smartly. 

Walkaway from your shopping cart

If you love to get a pricer item at a bargain, you may try this. It does not apply to everyone, but some retailers offer it. When you fill your shopping cart with your items, proceed to checkout by giving contact information and email. Then close the browser. The e-commerce sites using cookies will know that you left items in the shopping cart.

Some will send you an email to remind you about it or even provide limited-time discounts and promo codes. So, if you are shopping for office supplies, multimedia, homeware or electronics, try it.
As online retailers become more active in selling their items online, you get to shop from luxury brands, emerging designers or even craftsmen from all over the UK and across the borders. So, which online clothing store to begin? Let us hunt deeply. 

Online clothing stores in the UK

While there are many online clothing stores in the UK, you should invest your time and money where you get the convenience of buying your missing wardrobe pieces to make a perfect outfit. Some of the top online clothing stores are:

  • SammyDress
  • Missguided 
  • Ted Baker 
  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Pretty Green 
  • In the style 
  • Lavish Alice 
  • PrettyLittleThing 
  • Monki 
  • Glamorous


Online shopping is an art, and you need skills to do it. Give a read to what to look for in online clothing stores to know things you should keep in mind while buying clothes. When you have bought your perfect outfit, it looks incomplete without radiant and glowing skin. So, where can you find your body care products that suit your skin type? Let us find out. 

Bodycare shops in the UK

The change in weather tremendously affects our skin. You need to keep your body care products updated to make your skin look great in any weather condition. The body care shops in the UK providing all essentials include:

  • Net-A-Porter 
  • Feel Unique
  • Cult Beauty 
  • SpaceNK
  • ASOS face and body 
  • Boots 
  • Superdrug
  • BeautyBay 
  • LookFanastic
  • TheBodyShop 


When you have bought the products, how do you have to use them? Take a look at body care: an essential routine for healthier you. Follow your body care routine to look stunning in any event, be it a birthday party or a Baby shower. If you are going on a baby shower, you may wonder what you should buy that will be helpful for new parents to be? Baby gift ideas can save you. 

Baby gifts

When you are buying a gift for a newborn baby, It becomes difficult to choose the best out of many. Personalized new baby gifts is an innovative idea of adding all essentials in one gift. Becoming a new parent is overwhelming and at the same time tiring too. If you give something to a new mom, that will revitalize her energy to look after her child in a better way. If you want more ideas, read the best baby gift ideas to find a perfect one.

Final thoughts

Online shopping has become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether you want to buy new clothes, body care products and even baby gifts, you will get a huge variety on various e-commerce websites. But which online shops are reliable? Customers' opinions, feedback and experience who shopped before you are vital for choosing the right one for your needs.

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