The Best Gaming Platforms 2021

The Best Gaming Platforms 2021

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Gaming is an industry that appeals to anyone. Think further afield than c - Call of Duty and Halo, there are games like SIMS, Crash Bandicoot, SingStar, and so many more that would appeal to anyone. Then there's even further afield than that - online casinos are a form of gaming — although officially labelled gambling — that's becoming increasingly popular.  


The bustling industry now has over 2.7 million active gamers, has created a new big business industry - video game concerts, birthed gaming competitions, and so much more. What's better, it's more accessible than ever before.  


Below, we will discuss some of the best gaming platforms and why they've earned the title. 


Online Casinos 
In the UK - the gambling industry is massive, and the online gambling world is experiencing a sharp rise in gamers. From live poker games to slot games, there is such a variety of games to play that it's easy to spend a few hours virtually spinning blackjack wheels or chancing your luck on slot games. Online casinos have better volatility scores and return to player percentages, a term used to describe the expected percentage of money a game can return. 


The online casino industry in the UK is now worth £1.9 billion of the gross gambling yield - that's according to the government gambling commission. Plenty of businesses are capitalising on the industry's growth, and there are now hundreds of online casinos. You can check out these casino reviews on to get an idea of the best in the UK. Some people have managed to make a lot of money, with the most won in the UK by Jon Heywood, winning £13.2 million. 


PC Gaming 
Console gaming is popular, but in terms of development, console gaming is the most popular. There are more gaming developers for the PC platform than any other platform, but more console gamers. PC gaming is considered to be a veteran form of gaming. Although realistically, it does make gameplay better, and there are more games to play.  


One of the primary reasons why console gaming is so popular is because the console over the hardware and software that can be installed. Typically, consoles deteriorate over time, much like mobile phones do, causing software and hardware issues.  


PC gamers have the luxury of swapping parts and upgrading processing units, graphics hardware, and more. And, in terms of graphics, PC's can produce better graphics and smoother frame rates for more immersive gameplay. 


Rather than talking about consoles, mobile gaming is worth a mention because of its rapid evolution over the last ten years. In 2021, a survey found that 88.9% of the global total of gamers play mobile games. That can be attributed to the Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store having tons of games to suit every gamer.  


Many attribute the rise of mobile gaming to improved graphics and gameplay. Mobile phone games were notoriously hard to play. Pixelated graphics and faulty development meant it was nearly impossible to play some games. There's also the gaming on the go factor. Most mobile games require no internet connection, so they're a great way to pass the time on the go. 


There are other platforms on the rise, such as virtual reality gaming, that's making the future of gaming bright. Gamers demanded more immersive gameplay, and developers listened. The global gaming market was worth $173.70 million at the end of 2020, and that's only expected to increase. 



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