What to look for in online clothing stores?

What to look for in online clothing stores?

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Online shopping is quite popular in the United Kingdom, thanks to vast online clothing stores. Some target specific audiences such as men, women, teenagers and kids, while others provide clothes for all. According to the Office for National Statistics, 97% of people in the 16-34 age group did online shopping last year.

When we visit a physical clothing store, we can pay attention to details such as size, length and quality of clothes. But, when we are shopping online, these details may vary. So, what should you look for when buying clothes online?

What to look for when buying from online clothing stores?

Online shopping is entirely different from shopping in-store. You need to develop brilliant shopping habits that can make your online experience worth it. 

Always read the product description

Many of us look at the product picture when shopping online. It may be photoshopped or edited, and the actual product may vary considerably. Always read the product description before adding the product to your cart. 

Read reviews about the online shops

Company reviews about online shops allow you to go through customers testimonials who shopped from a particular online store before you. For clothing, you should read reviews of companies that offer fashion items such as coats, sweaters, dresses, jeans and many more. The reviews help you decide which webshop delivers up to their promises with a good return and exchange policy. 

For example, if you go through the ALLSAINTS review, it shows that it offers clothing for men and women with fast delivery within 4-5 business days. Also, reviews of SammyDress shows that it is a one-stop webshop for women who can get almost anything from t-shirts, outwears, swimwear, bottoms, plus size clothing, tops, sweaters, cardigans, activewear, zip-up hoodies, rompers and many more. It provides customers with good customer service, fast delivery and a high standard of clothes fabric.  

Compare prices of similar products

Different companies offer different prices on similar products. Some may give you a better discount, so why buy at a higher price. Therefore, people prefer to shop online instead of physical stores as discussed in everything you need to know about online shopping

Read exchange and return policies

Not every webshop has flexible exchange and returns policies. Everyone offers different refund processes such as store credit so, before buying the product, you should read its exchange and return policy or contact their customer support to get the details. 

Keep yourself safe from scam

For clothing alone, there are many online clothing stores that it becomes difficult to choose the right one. You may become a victim of fraud by providing your personal information. Shopping from google trusted stores helps to differentiate between a trustworthy and fraudster website.
Once you have developed online shopping skills, let us take a look at the best online clothing stores in the UK. 

Best online clothing stores

Best online clothing stores can be categorized into men, women, teenagers and kids. 

Women’s clothing stores

The top 3 affordable and high-quality clothing stores are:

  • Misguided 
  • Hobbs 
  • PrettyLittleThings


Men’s clothing stores


Men are assumed to remain away from the latest trends in clothing, but it does not happen any longer now. Men are also conscious about their dressing style and want to be in fashion too. Here are some of the men’s clothing stores in the UK. 

  • Oliver Spencer 
  • Selfridge's
  • Mr Porter 


Popular teenage clothing stores UK


Teenagers follow fashion seriously. As the fashion trend changes, so does the wardrobe of a teenager in the UK. The top brands are setting the trends for teenagers include: 

  • Very 
  • Levis 
  • River Island 


Kids clothing stores


Kids clothing stores that are popular in the UK are:

  • Zara 
  • TK Maxx
  • Matalan 



In a nutshell, more people frequently use online clothing stores, but few possess the skills to shop online. For the best online clothing shopping experience, use companies review to decide whether they deliver up to their promises. Then, decide which one is best suited for your clothing requirements.


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