A guide to car services using reviews

A guide to car services using reviews

Car Services

Whether you like it or not, car service is an essential part of your car maintenance. If you think of upgrading your car model, you will have to put yours on sale. Car servicing history indicates its condition. You can only get a good amount if your car has a good car servicing history. As it is essential to get your car serviced regularly, you need to understand what it means and the cost.

What is a car service?

Car service is a thorough check from inside and outside of the car. Though cars look perfect, you need to have car services annually or after every six months, depending on your car model. It is not mandatory from a legal viewpoint, but car manufacturers stress it, selling your car at a better price.

Furthermore, it is a complete assessment of your car body state, engine health, brakes, steering and filters fitted in your car. The mechanic expert inspects every part of your car to know its working condition. There is no comparison between DIY car services at home and the in-depth knowledge of an expert mechanic. You do not even have the technology and equipment to do it. But why do you need it?

Why do I need a car service?

While many of us think car service to be an additional cost in our budget, it is crucial for maintaining the car. It will cost you more if your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of a road. So, regular car service can help you maintain its top performance. Now that you are convinced to have a car service, where do you have to look for a reliable company?

Where to find a reliable car service? Reviews can help you.

You need a car service but do not know which garage to go to? As many companies offer complete car service, not everyone delivers what they promise. Your car is your asset that needs to be in safe hands. So, what should you do? Use companies reviews on platforms like BritainReviews that have over 200 reviews of car services companies, offering services such as annual check-up, renting, car lease, airport parking and transfer. The feedback of people who used their services before you are valuable in deciding which one meets your requirements and budget.
You have chosen your car service company, you need to know what a basic car service covers.

What does a car service include?

What a car service includes depends on the type of car service you choose. A basic car service includes:

  • Topping your car fluid levels in brakes, engine, power steering, screen wash, antifreeze or coolant
  • Replacing of air and oil filters
  • Checking of windscreen wipers, spark plugs and radiator 
  • Checking of brake pads and handbrake working


Types of car services in the UK

Broadly, there are three different types of car services, interim, full and major car services. 

Interim service

The type of service you choose depends on your car mileage. If your car has covered 6,000 miles, you need an interim service. It is advisable to look at the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for your car service. It contains 50 detailed checks of your car such as oil change, oil filter replacements, fluid levels, wheel alignments, suspension, exhaust system, clutch and gearbox, spark plugs, windscreen wiper condition and fuel filter.

Additionally, interim service allows you to know how your car operates and identify any issue which may hinder the overall car performance. If you have a leased car, you must include interim service in your budget checklist. It is vital to keep it in good shape to avoid expensive car lease charges.

Full Service

A full service includes all checks from interim service and containing additional points, with over sixty checkpoints. If you are covering 12,000 miles a year, you need full services annually for maximum safety while using your car. There are areas that your mechanic will inspect deeply during this service. These include a view of the road, brakes, engine, tyres, electrical system, exhaust, suspension, steering, interior and exterior of the car.

Major service

If your car has covered 24,000 miles, if not, it is recommended to get major car service after two years. It has all inspection checkpoints of full service, including replacement of worn-out parts, making seventy-one total checkpoints. The additional coverage in major service consists of brake fluid, spark plug, automatic transmission oil level, cabin filter, allergy and odour replacement and testing of battery.
As you move from interim service to major service, the time required to cover the additional checkpoints also increases.

How long does a car service take?

The total time taken for servicing your car depends on the type of service and the service companies. The time might vary, so it is better to ask them at the booking time. Roughly, interim service takes one and half hours, full service requires around three hours, and major service needs more than three hours for completing all the car servicing checkpoints.
If you get full car service annually with one interim service in between, you can eliminate the cost for major service. But how much does an interim and full service cost?

How much does a car service cost?

The cost of car service depends on the country site you are living in and the garage. Usually, you will see a fluctuation of car prices, most at independent car garages, while big servicing chains such as Halfords and Kwik Fit have standard pricing. But on average, the interim service cost between £75 - £125 and full service cost £150+. The serving cost only contains the price of getting the service. If any part is worn out and needs a replacement, you will have to pay for it separately.
If you think that owning a car is a hassle with car services maintenance charges, long term car rental will appeal to you.

Long term car rental

Renting a car in the UK depends on how frequently you will use it. If the public transport daily expense overrides the cost you will pay for long term car rental, give it a thought. Moreover, owning a car is tough to manage. If you want to rent a car for a longer time, which renting company to trust? The company's review will help you.

Read more about why choose a long term car rental by using reviews.
Long term car rental is ideal if you do not want to commit to a contract for years. But, if you want to use your car for a few years, car leasing is a better option than long term car rental.

Car lease

Car leasing depends on various criteria that you need to consider while choosing the car you want. If you are looking for lower upfront rental charges, with cheaper monthly payments, coverage of road tax and breakdown, leasing might suit your lifestyle.

As nothing comes without its disadvantage, car leasing is no different. One of the disadvantages is that you do not make your asset by paying for the car lease. You are just the driver who is allowed to use the car until the contract ends. Another disadvantage is the limited mileage coverage. You will have to pay more for exceeding the mileage coverage. Furthermore, if the car gets damaged, you can be charged heavily.
Want to know more about car leasing in the UK, give a read to should I lease a car or buy it? Find what suits you.

Whether you own a car or have a rental one, safeguarding it is your top priority, especially when you are travelling abroad. Airport parking can help you to protect it.

Airport parking

If you plan to go for a holiday, you have to sort out where to leave your vehicle. If you live closer to the airport, you can park your car in your garage and use a taxi. But, if your commute to the airport is more than an hour, it would be feasible to use your vehicle and use airport parking.

Choosing a secure place for your vehicle is pivotal to avoid inconvenience and charges you may experience due to broken windows, punctured tyres or a stolen car. So, it is better to pay some amount and avoid expenses. Now the question is, whether to choose parking at the airport or near it?

Parking at the airport is an expensive choice. There are a lot of companies that offer airport parking space near the airport. They are cheaper than airport parking.
Get further information on airport parking by reading a guide to airport car parking in the UK.


In a nutshell, if you own a car, maintaining it comes with a cost. You cannot just ignore the annual maintenance as it will cost you more in the long run. As serving is mandatory, which service company to choose is a tough choice. The company reviews on BritainReviews provides experiences and opinions of people who used the services before you and gave them a rating. The feedback and rating can help you choose a servicing company that meets your budget and standards. Alternatively, if you do not own a car, you can either rent it for months and go for car leasing for years. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can either choose to rent or lease. Whatever you choose, servicing charges is a part of it. 

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