Rent a long term car by using reviews

Rent a long term car by using reviews

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If you do not have enough initial investment to buy your car, a long term car rental will suit you. Everyone needs transportation, whether you have to go to work, do grocery or do shopping. Though the UK has the best public commuting services, it becomes difficult to lift shopping bags from shopping centres to home. So, why not rent a car for a longer time when you can not afford your own? Take a deeper look at how long term car rental looks like in the UK.

Long term car rental in the UK

Long term car rental in the UK offers total mobility solutions, including flexible long-term car rental. For clients interested in renting a car or van for several weeks or months (up to 89 days), many companies offer long-term rentals at affordable rates.

Which rental company to choose from?

Company reviews about car services on BritainReviews have genuine feedback that will help you decide which rental company is reliable and provide reliable packages. There are more than seventy companies that offer car rental, so you can easily compare the ordering, services and delivery of companies by reading the reviews. Here's an example.

Affordable Car Hire reviews show that they provide car rentals with services in more than 192 different countries. If you want to rent a luxury car, airport car or European car, take a look at the reviews of

Monthly car rental

If you have long-term travel plans or need a replacement car, monthly car hire is the perfect solution. Many UK car rental companies offer the opportunity to save money as the longer you rent, the more you save. These companies offer a simple booking system that makes booking quick and easy, so it is less complicated than a short-term lease. With a wide variety of vehicles and top-notch other car services, long-term car rental can be affordable.

Benefits of car rental


  • Alternative to car lease and purchase
  • Affordable as no maintenance fee required 
  • It gives freedom to use the car at your convenience 
  • It provides comfort and privacy for your family with no interference of a driver on a holiday
  • Long term car rental helps to save money as you get more discount than weekly rents.


UK cities with car rentals


The cities in the UK having car rental facilities include:

  • London 
  • Manchester 
  • Edinburgh
  • Birmingham 
  • Castleford 
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds


Sixt car rental


For long-term travel plans and replacement car needs, an affordable monthly car rental from Sixt can be the ideal solution. The longer you choose to rent from Sixt, the cheaper the price becomes, meaning you can drive that latest rental car you have always wanted at a price that would not break your bank.

Sixt offers several rental cars that are overhauled continuously and replaced with their latest model. So you get the chance to upgrade to the latest model. In addition to these attractive benefits, you can also rely on their friendly customer service, a large network of rental locations in more than 200 countries with no hidden costs or changing policies.

Alamo car rental

The Alamo team researches far and wide to make sure, Alamo car rental prices are the best in the UK and Europe. And when you rent a car from Alamo, the rental is well checked and maintained.


Renting a car from car rental companies can be a daunting task. Use BritainReviews to compare the companies how each facilitates their customers with a transparent agreement and no hidden charges. The customer opinions and feedback will make your decision easier. 

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