Household water problems 101: A complete guide!

Household water problems 101: A complete guide!


These days all of us are discovering new ways of spending free time. Parks, restaurants, drinks with friends...all have been replaced with time spent in a house. Movies, theatres, concerts...all have been replaced with...wanna guess?! Yes, a house is a correct answer. We could go further listing all the things we miss during quarantine or we can turn to the household itself and find a way to improve it and learn new things that will serve us in the future as well.

One aspect of a household which is maybe the most important and crucial for a quality living is water supply. Here you’ll find some solutions for your problems and needs if that is where you decide to put your focus regarding your household improvement.

Common Household Water Problems and Needs

Here we gonna focus on the problems with the water or/and plumbing system that are not the result of current failers and require the help of a professional, but on problems and solutions in the long-run. Most importantly, you can do it yourself (needing some effort), with the help of machinery that you can simply order online.


  • The water pressure is too low - There is nothing more irritating than the insufficient water pressure in the shower when you need it. Especially these days, when we all tend to be extra sensitive about every little thing. So, why don’t you use the extra time and fix this problem once for all? Once you return to your normal life you’ll thank yourself deeply for this every time you get home tired and all you need is a nice shower. What you need for this is a water booster pump, also known as a booster or pressure-boosting pump. This pump can obtain/drawn water under more pressure and maintain the pressure in the water pipes. This ensures a good, constant water pressure in your bathroom and everywhere you need it. You can get this device for the price between £150-1200, approximately, and it can be at your home address in 48h.
  • Irrigating needs - Do you have a garden? You are so lucky and all the people who don’t deeply envy you at these times. Spending time at home is much easier for you thanks to it and you surely want it to be well maintained. With the help of a water booster pump, already mentioned, you can re-use stored rainwater around the garden and you can use it for the garden irrigation system. Also, if you use water from the house for irrigation it provides the extra boost needed to bring your water pressure to the desired level, and you don’t have to worry that the pressure in the house will decrease. Once you provide sufficient and constant water supply to your garden, you can move forward in your gardening tasks and fully enjoy it, now and in the future.
  • Draining needs - Do you have a cellar, a basement that gets frequently flooded during heavy rainfall? That is something that needs to be solved once for all and now is the perfect time to deal with it. You can solve this problem by using submersible pumps. Their Installation, maintenance, and cleaning are very easy and price ranges from £150-500. You can use these pumps also for draining a well or a septic tank. Now’s the perfect time to run your household like a boss.

Choosing the Best Solution for your Problems

If you decide to buy some of these machines you must be fully aware that there are different types of them and there are differences in capacity and quality.

When you are buying a booster pump the main question is - what do you need it for? We already explained different usages of it and they require different types of booster pumps. Also, depending on the size of your home and number of floors, then also depending on desirable pressure you will choose the specific capacity of the machinery. Certainly, you’ll think about your needs in detail and then get as much info as you can and help of the sales staff to get the right pump.

The same occurs when it comes to submersible pumps. You take a close look at your needs. For example, what type of water needs to be drained? Is it clean water from rainfall or is it dirty water? Then you’ll think about the needed capacity or maybe whether the pump should switch on/off automatically. Get the info, talk to the sales staff, and order the right pump for your needs.

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