How to find part time jobs for students despite Covid 19!

How to find part time jobs for students despite Covid 19!


Students during the Corona crisis will most probably feel desperate about their future or even worse about their current situation as most types of the so-called student jobs came suddenly to an end as a precaution towards corona infection. At the same time schools have closed due to coronavirus since there are widespread fears of mass infection through universities and colleges. The start of the semester was postponed until the end of April and no one can say when and if schools will open again and under what conditions. What we know so far and what scientists have told us is that students do not belong to risk groups for the new disease. Now more than ever, students have ample time to pursue other tasks besides reading. We will try to summarize in this article how students can effectively use their time during the Corona crisis in a meaningful way and how they can find jobs ranging from neighbourhood assistance to useful side jobs.

It is an unfortunate fact that students lost many secondary jobs due to the Corona crisis. This means that they have undoubtedly more time since their side job in a coffee bar or as cashiers at a fashion store ended for the time being. In the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, many restaurants, bars and coffee houses, as well as many retailers, had to close down. For those who are now urgently in need of a new side job to earn a living, there are several alternatives. Not physically – but in a different way. There are alternative industries that currently need more support and help. Neighbourhood assistance and panels support the Coronavirus crisis and a new motto is now introduced: Together through the Corona crisis. Especially in social media, many students have already joined forces to help other people. Therefore, plenty of ideas have yielded the floor during this crisis. Rather than letting the crisis obscure your balance and attempts to lead a normal social life, especially if you are a young student, there are many things a student can do to find a job.

First, voluntary purchase assistance for seniors or people with pre-existing diseases who therefore belong to coronavirus risk groups is the first thing you can do. Even people who are currently in domestic quarantine cannot go shopping themselves. Keep your eyes and ears open: There are plenty of local initiatives on social media that you can get in touch with. For example, you may find many things to do and many digital innovations even though the official UK government website.

Since many volunteers are over 65 years of age and therefore belong to coronavirus risk groups, and along with the fact that an increasing number of institutions and city boards, which take care of people in need of food and medical support, had to close down (although there is enough food to distribute), an urgent need for students and people to help arises. The best way to find out if help is needed is to check the board website of your city.

Medical students who are currently studying medicine, nursing sciences or relative fields, are called upon to help in the Corona crisis. Because it is expected that in the coming weeks significantly more people will have to be treated in hospitals and since all university clinics, hospitals and health offices are urgently looking for support in the care of patients or for the Corona tests, an ideal field for a student would be to look for employment there.

You can also start considering aiding your peers or even younger students with their school or college lessons. You might have noticed by now that distance learning courses (for instance through Shaw Academy) are becoming more and more popular among all age groups and E-learning degrees are considered a reliable method of accessing university knowledge. Now is the time to think and reflect on your abilities and skills, undertake or even teach a distance learning course and also now is the time to spend some time towards fixing your Curriculum Vitae so when the market reopens again you will be able to apply to new positions.

Also, many workers currently have to stay at home since they are themselves ill or in quarantine. Others have to take care of their children at home since schools are also closed. These industries are looking for helpers. For example, all types of workers in supermarkets and pharmacies or in e-shops and delivery services are in demand this period. In many supermarket chains, employees hardly follow up with the filling of the shelves and unpacking of the new goods. There are long queues at the checkouts. Many managers highlight that, ‘’Helping hands are welcome everywhere. If you want to act as an assistant in our markets, you can apply easily. Students are particularly in demand.’’, underlying the necessity of younger ages to replace for as long as it takes their elderly peers in order to diminish the danger of the latter facing the risk to be infected by the new coronavirus.

The logistics industry is another example of an industry that is actively looking for personnel right now along with customer experience and service jobs. Those who are no longer able to shop physically often order over the Internet. As a result, many logistics companies and parcel services are looking for additional labour. Especially large online retailers are planning to increase their staff. In addition, many closed restaurants and supermarkets offer additional delivery services to supply people who are no longer able to physically visit their store, with the chance to order in.

A student might not imagine the following category as a top priority but it is a fact that harvest workers are currently much in need. Agriculture is also hoping for help from students and other young people. The asparagus season is about to begin – and harvest assistants from Eastern Europe are no longer available. If you like the fresh air and are not afraid of physical work, you could join in the next few weeks and months, for example, in the asparagus and strawberry harvest, in the hops harvest or in the tomato and pepper harvest. Now you are asked again to ensure food supplies for everyone and at the same time fill up your student budget. So, you can now visit and maybe find a position close to nature helping you to earn money.

One thing is for certain during the coronavirus. Students face many new opportunities when searching for employment. They can make good use of the Internet and take the time to read Reviews in 2020 (such as the ones found through BritainReviews) about specific websites and portals that offer job ads and vacancies. Portals like these are the following:

And these are just a few of the places where students can find employment during a harsh time for everyone. Just make sure to keep your ears open for any openings and for any person or company that might need help and assistance.

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