Promote Your Company with Stickers and Social Media

Promote Your Company with Stickers and Social Media


If you have your own company or business, you want people to know who you are and what you do. At the least, you want the name of your (online) shop or service company to sound familiar. Too many companies had to close their doors because people barely knew they existed. So how can you let people know that your software solution, holiday company of charity exists? That’s what promotional material is for. There are various channels that you can use to promote your company. We divide them into two categories: 1) Established, conventional promotional material, such as flyers, stickers and posters and 2) Modern, technological advertising such as search engine and social media advertising. But what is the difference between the two? When do you use which kind of options? And how does that work? That’s what we like to tell you more about.

Established promotional material
When you’re driving a car to work, taking the bus, riding your bike to school or just walking on a busy street, chances are you have come across branding on flyers, billboards and posters. Companies use the most prominent spots and busy shopping streets to promote the name of their product, service or fitness centre. It's all about maximising eyeballs on your brand, and many brands increase the effectiveness by including a special deal or offer in the marketing content. This makes the customers' first impression a positive one and draws in previous customers for another purchase. Think of a travel agency poster on the street showing you a nice deal for a city trip or summer holiday or the flyers that your supermarket delivers to your home every week.
You could be doing the same to promote your own company. And you can start small. These stickers will be personalised with by printing your (company) name or logo on them. You can also add a sticker to any business envelope you send or hand them out at events. Later on, you can expand your promotional campaign. If your company is a restaurant, you might want personalised menus, napkins and placemats, so people know in which restaurant they are eating their lunch or dinner. There are many more printing companies and B2B services that can help you to create your perfect flag, brochure or even company clothes.

New age advertising
Since the proliferation of computers, the internet and social media, a whole new channel has come into existence to promote your company. Companies no longer take the chance of waiting for people to see their material. They look for ways to target people that have shown behaviour that suggests they could be a customer; whether that's a Google search for a flower shop or having watched a Youtube video themed on a specific gaming niche. This channel is readily available for any entrepreneur, website builder or online shopkeeper to make sure that people can find you. Create a nice website that reflects who you are and what you have to offer. Create a newsletter in which you can promote new products and other special offers. But you don’t have to wait for people to google you. You can advertise your company via social media such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Lots of apps, especially game apps, offer players additional in-game currency for watching a video add. In that way, online advertising has over from TV, which is why revenue streams in that channel are dwindling, especially now there are lots of streaming services that offer unlimited binge-watching without commercials. However, the recent crackdown on the exploitation of people's private data to sell advertising could see online advertising take a hit. It remains to be seen how the new age of targetted ads and online influencers will operate with the GDPR and ePrivacy laws looming large. 

The Best Promotional Material For Your Company
The best promotional material depends on the kind of company you would like to promote and the target audience that you want to reach. In all cases, people like to rely on a name they recognise. Therefore, letting them come across a billboard, poster, stickers or flyer with your company name on it is always a good idea. Put them in public places that your target audience is likely to visit. 

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