Lottoland – A World’s Leading Private Lottery Provider

Lottoland – A World’s Leading Private Lottery Provider


Lottoland Limited is a firm based in Gibraltar. The primary business of this company is to offer online bets on the outcomes of more than 30 lottery draws. This company has authorizations from national supervisory bodies for lotteries in Gibraltar, Italy, England, Ireland, and Australia.

This company supplies online scratchcards, slot games, card games, and online table games as well. The customers can win several cash prizes through all these games, in addition to a few non-cash prizes. The company started offering sports betting in 2019.

It was established in May 2013 by David Rosen. Originally the company started on a very small scale, with only seven employees. Later on, the business expanded and the company was able to hire quite influential brand ambassadors in 2014 such as Chris Tarrant, who was a host on the English quiz show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Moreover, this company has also been the name sponsor of Brookvale Oval based in Sydney, and the home stadium of the National Rugby League team the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, since the beginning of the year 2017.

Benefits of betting through Lottoland

Being one of the widely-known private lottery provider, Lottoland has the following benefits under the belt:

Safest Option

One of the most prominent advantages of Lottoland is that it is a safe option for people who love to bet but are afraid of scams. Since it is authorized, any money that is won at Lottoland is pledged to be paid out in whole to verified accounts.


Betting through Lottoland is extremely convenient. Because it is an online platform, the players have to just take out their cell phones, select desired numbers, and get a chance of winning millions. There is a Lastminute option available that makes it possible to bet even at the very last moment. To sign up for an open-ended subscription with this company is also very feasible, which people can set for however long they like and cancel at any time they'd want to.


It is a good way to always be in with the possibility of winning a lottery. Plus, people will be able to avoid the trouble of having to log in and select their numbers every week.

Globally Reachable

One more huge benefit of online betting through Lottoland is that people can bet on lottos from around the globe, even the ones that they won't usually have the chance to take part in. The Irish Lotto is quite famous among UK lotto lovers as there are way more chances of winning a prize. Some players who like to bet on lottos just for the feeling of nostalgia, for instance, a Spanish person who is living in the UK may want to participate in the excitement and joy of winning a prize on El Gordo de la Navidad. Lottoland makes it possible for people to participate in all the distant lotteries by providing an online platform.

Why should you use Lottoland?

Play a lotto for just a few pennies to become an instant millionaire. If you’re interested in playing the many different lottos from around the world, you might have come across the name Lottoland online and wondered if they’re trustworthy and operate secure websites. The answer to both is yes, they do.

Lottoland is UK licensed for online live games, scratchcards, lotto, and slots. In fact, Lottoland is one of the biggest such websites in the UK. Why is the lotto betting leader Lottoland? Simply put, they give people the chance to play lotteries from around the world. Their website is secure with account access for safe online gaming - and they also have a great Android app that you can easily access from your pocket to stand a chance to win big in international lotteries.

No matter if you’re playing through the app or your desktop web browser, Lottoland UK ensures all data is encrypted and all payments are processed with the highest security standards established by the world’s leading credit card companies.

Features and the Betting Options

There are many special features that Lottoland offers including exclusive features such as NumberShield and DoubleJackpot for a little additional price. As the name suggests, the option of DoubleJackpot makes the chance to win double the amount of actual jackpot money possible, and NumberShield gives the ability to keep an eye on the numbers so that no one else can take them.

Several betting options are available in different fields. For example in sports, online betting is available for exciting matches that are both regional and international. Players have the opportunity to place bets on matches ranging from rugby, soccer, and cricket to motorsport, boxing, golf, and tennis.

Holiday Deals and Offers

Lottoland offers exciting discounts, promo codes, and vouchers on several occasions. Through these promo codes and free vouchers, players can either save some of their money while buying tickets or use extra money to buy more tickets. The chance to win several free holiday trips is also offered on special occasions. Their special holiday deals include the Spanish Christmas Lottery providing players a chance to win El Gordo. In addition, there are Black Friday deals where the players can get from 20-80 percent off on several local as well as international lotteries.

Lottoland Foundation

Lottoland founded a legally independent foundation by the name Lottoland Foundation, in the autumn of 2020. This foundation is based in Hamburg, Germany.

With the establishment of this foundation, Lottoland takes on social responsibility and supports initiatives such as environmental and animal protection, in addition to people and their dreams. The job of this foundation is basically focused on unique environmental plans and integrative standards in sport and society.

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