Top Tips for Setting Yourself Up as a Freelancer

Top Tips for Setting Yourself Up as a Freelancer

Choosing to take the step to become a freelancer can be both thrilling and terrifying all at once. If you do decide to take this route, you need to be prepared to work hard and get yourself set up in just the right way. From tracking down the right website editor to asking for testimonials from happy clients, you always need to be working on your brand.

Register as Self-Employed

You might have another part-time job that you use to supplement your income while you build your business. However, you do still need to register as at least partly self-employed with the government. This is a vital step as you will need to let them know that part of your income will be earned through your own efforts rather than being paid through a company.

This allows them to tax you properly. It is vital that you sort out your taxes as soon as possible. With a little luck, your freelance business will end up with a lot of projects that you should be devoting your time to. You don’t want to end up having to deal with a misunderstanding with the government instead. Take the time to set up the business properly before you accept your first client, and everything will be that bit easier to manage later on, allowing you to put your focus where it will be needed the most.

Nail the Website

Your website is going to be the most important tool at your disposal. It is likely to be one of the primary ways in which customers get in touch with you, and can serve as a shop floor and business card all in one. You need to make sure that it is the best it possibly can be.

Investing in the website to ensure that it meets a high standard is always going to be a worthwhile endeavour for you. In addition to looking spectacular, it must be easy to navigate, optimised for mobile use, and as safe and secure as can be. Make sure you also include a portfolio of your work for potential clients to browse through – this will be much faster than if they would have to get in touch to ask to see it.

Advertise Your Services

Once you have everything in place and ready to go, you need to advertise your services and begin to attract customers. There are plenty of places where you will be able to do so. Many freelance niches even have their own sites where you can advertise your skills and clients can get in touch that way.

Don’t forget about the power of social media too! By posting in the right groups or building an online following, you can attract a lot of helpful interest in your brand. You might even want to consider building your own platform on a site like YouTube or Instagram. In addition to your work as a freelancer, it can be a great way to create some supplemental income and increase awareness of your brand.

Chase Down Reviews and Testimonials

In the early days, reviews and testimonials are going to prove to be vital. If you have done a good job for a customer, and you know that they are pleased with your work, take the time to ask them for a testimonial. These can make a massive difference in the perception and reputation of your brand. If you are able to put forward proof of happy customers, it might factor into a potential customer’s decision to opt for your services.

What you need to not do is hound the customer for a review. Ask them politely and then move on. Sending a small request alongside the receipt for their invoice might be the perfect move here. It is not too pushy and gives the customer the chance to follow up and leave you a review if they wish. If they do not give you one, just move on and focus on your next opportunity.

Take the Plunge – Go Freelance Today

Deciding to go freelance can be a massive decision, but it can very much be the right one for you in your current career. Take a look at some of the opportunities out there for freelancers in your industry. Are they better than what you see at the moment? It might take a lot of hard work on your part, but there is no reason why you cannot successfully create your own freelance brand.

Going freelance means that you will get to choose the projects that you work on and the hours in which you do so. It brings a wonderful sense of freedom to your life. Though it is a lot of hard work, it might be the perfect path for your career to follow.

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