Three Ways to Create a CV Without Microsoft Office

Three Ways to Create a CV Without Microsoft Office


Believe it or not, you don’t need the aid of Microsoft Office to create a Curriculum Vitae that looks professional. There’s a specific platform on Google for writing, i.e., Google Docs, where you can create new documents completely free and choose from a great set of resume templates choices built in such a way to highlight your skills without causing any fiddling to the formatting process.

Indeed, Microsoft has their Online Office, formerly labeled as “Office Web Apps,” where you can also write for free, but there aren’t any resume templates available. The general set of choices for templates offered there is pretty limited. The formatting part would completely fall on your shoulders, which is a very daunting task. 

Since we’ve also mentioned the possibility to create your CV in Google Docs, in the remainder of the text, we’ll delve further into how you can create your CV with the aid of this Google platform. Also, we’ll present you with two other ways you can create a professionally-looking CV without using Microsoft Office at all. 

List of the three ways you can create your CV without using Microsoft Office  

Now, we’ll show you three easy and convenient ways you can create your professional CV without the aid of Microsoft Office. Each of the platforms we will mention here is pretty straightforward and will appear to be pretty self-explanatory to you. We’ve chosen Google Docs, Europass, and an online CV builder as the top three ways you can create your CV conveniently without using Microsoft Word.    

Writing a CV in Google Docs  

As with most other services you can find on Google, Google Docs is completely free of charge, and all you need to access this platform for writing is your browser (e.g., Google Chrome). Google Docs is a part of your Google Drive, a drive for storing files online. You can open Google Docs by simply entering in your browser. You do need a Google account to be able to use the service, however.

We’ve chosen Google Docs as our first recommendation for building a CV primarily because of the great set of templates it offers. You probably already know how irritating it can be to format your documents in Microsoft Word by hand. With Google Docs, you can format your CV much faster with the templates you can find there.

All you have to do is find “Google Docs Template Gallery” and find which template you like best. Before choosing a template, make sure you are signed in with your Google account. If you don’t have one yet, create it, the sign-up process is free.

Because you’re creating a CV, you should search for the “resume” template, and you’ll find several official templates for creating a resume with Google Docs. With the “preview” button, you can see which one you like best.

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable template, the rest is up to you. Fill in your work experience and personal info in a manner that seems appropriate, and as you type, Google Docs will save all your progress automatically. Therefore, you needn’t think about constant saving like with Microsoft Word. 

When you complete this step, all left is to download your CV, which you can easily accomplish by clicking “Download” in the File Menu. The best format to download the cv is PDF. It’s the most common file type for cv’s ensuring that the contents can not be edited.

Creating a CV with Europass

Europass CV is one of the most popular free online CV builders. The platform is pretty straightforward, easy to use, and familiar to all major educational institutions and employers. To begin creating a CV with Europass, you will first have to create a profile and fill in your training experience, education, skills, and work experience.

Once you finish with this step, you can create your CV in just a couple clicks. Select all the information you wish to include in your CV, choose the design you like best, and Europass will take care of the rest. 

Using a premium CV with an online CVmaker 

The third way to create your CV is with an online CV builder. These online websites offer you a wide variety of professional cv templates, that are often better looking and way more flexible than the aforementioned options. However, of course this comes at a price. Most online CV builders, such as, work on a subscription basis. It’s a small investment, but an inviting CV is the most powerful way to get invited for job interviews. As a user you can create an unlimited number of CV’s in various templates as long as your subscription lasts. Make sure to cancel this subscription once you’ve landed your job!

Final thoughts  

As you can see, there are three other convenient ways you can create a professionally-looking CV without using Microsoft Office. You can either create your resume with the aid of Google Docs, create it through the Europass platform, or choose the best and most convenient online CV builder you can easily find through your search engine with just a bit of scaling and comparing.

Indeed, creating a top-notch CV may take up some of your time, but remember that the better your CV is, the higher the chances are for you to get a job. Therefore, why not make your CV the best possible one your employee will see on the interview day? Good luck with your next Curriculum Vitae creation!

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