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    As a landlord, it’s quite a risk to let people move into your home. Even though you’re still in charge of the property, chances are your tenants will make a mess, break stuff, damage your walls, break a window or are not safe with your stairs. Therefore, it might be a comfort to have a landlord insurance that can take care of at least some of the expenses for renovating a property that is run-down by tenants. But which landlord insurance is the best? One of the options is Towergate Landlord Insurance. But how will they work? Will their cover be worth the monthly premium you have to pay? And what kind of customer service can you expect from them? For more information, we refer to landlords that already have insured their property at Towergate Landlord Insurance. Their real experiences, honest opinions and other comments and ratings can tell you all you need to know about Towergate Landlord Insurance.

    About Towergate Landlord Insurance
    Towergate Landlord Insurance is a company that offers landlord insurance policies. The company is part of Towergate. They offer travel insurance, young driver insurance, disabled driver insurance, liability insurance, health care insurance, caravan insurance, boat insurance, holiday insurance and, of course, the landlord insurance policies that will be focused on here. These policies protect landlords from unforeseen costs caused by their tenants. Towergate Landlord Insurance has over 100 offices all over the UK and over 4,000 staff. They aim to provide a cover for every situation, no matter the number of properties you own or the type of tenants you have. There are policies for unoccupied property, specialist property, holiday homes etc. And they offer policies for multi occupancy, local authority placements, students and more. So whether you have one single student tenant occupying your property or a whole family with multiple kids, Towergate Landlord Insurance has an insurance policy for every landlord-tenant situation.

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    Services of Towergate Landlord Insurance
    You can get a quote from their website. On their website, you can fill in an online form. They will want to know whether you are insuring a residential or commercial property, if there are any parts of the ground floor which are unoccupied, he postcode and what the floor and roof of the building are made of. They also want to know in which year the property was built and in what year you purchased it. Having a mortgage or not can also influence your quote. Once you have finished the list, they will estimate the costs your insurance will cost you each month. Towergate Landlord Insurance also has a customer service department that you can contact if you have any questions or problems.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Towergate Landlord Insurance
    Is one of your properties already insured by Towergate Landlord Insurance? Then we would like to know what your opinion of this company is. Can you trust them to pay if you make a claim? How reliable and trustworthy is this insurance provider? And what kind of customer service do they provide for landlords? Write your own review and tell us what your opinion of Towergate Landlord Insurance really is.

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