Ecommerce and link building campaigns: A perfect match!

Ecommerce and link building campaigns: A perfect match!


As an e-commerce owner or manager, you’re well-versed in the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for building out your business’ digital footprint. Ranking high on search engines helps to lower your ad spend, attract wider audiences, and help to close more conversions.

Beyond the importance of keywords, have you figured out ways to further optimise your rankings and credibility through link building campaigns?

Link building is vital to SEO

Link building is a vital element of good SEO practices for all e-commerce platforms. Link building campaign is pretty much as the name suggests: relevant links pointing to your website. These are “off-page” activities that point from other websites to your content and website. It will be counter-intuitive to post your links on random websites: link building is a long-term strategy that places high value on relevant links when it applies to users.

There are many benefits to a link building campaign for your e-commerce business. Each one plays an important role in moving your website higher up search engine rankings – and helps to get more customers for your business. Find a good SEO agency to help you with this campaign if you’re not comfortable with this yourself.

Link building boosts your e-commerce’s credibility

Links from other websites build your ecommerce site’s credibility. How this works is search engines rank websites by the number of third-party sources pointing to a particular website with relevant links. This helps Google and other search engines to better provide relevant results for searches. The number of relevant links pointing to your website for relevant searches increases your website’s “authority.” Simply put, the higher the number of relevant links pointing to your website, the higher your credibility score. There’s a caveat though: you can’t simply post 10 relevant links to your website from 1 other website. Your credibility will only increase if you have 10 relevant links pointing from 10 different domains.

Links increase your e-commerce’s traffic

Utilising content marketing, you can further increase the relevance of the link building campaigns for your e-commerce platform. These external sources organically feed traffic to your website. Content relevant to your website, your keywords and anchor links further raises your website’s credibility. When users search for products or content you have targeted in your keywords and SEO, the more external sources pointing to your website will improve your Google search result ranking, too.

External sources do the heavy lifting for your link building and SEO goals

The by-product of link building is building your relevance and authority within your industry and niche. Yes, this is much like networking for the digital world. Here this may just convince you to focus on a particular niche that none of your competitors does, and improve your e-commerce’s USP (Unique Selling Point) to customers. You’ll also be asked to host their relevant links in collaboration, and that campaign will improve your website traffic and increase your opportunities for more sales conversion too. Your e-commerce business will be able to sell more products or services through this increase in leads from external sources and search engine results.

Bounce rates drop with good link building

Google is the biggest search engine and sets the benchmarks. Bounce rates – the bane of our SEO efforts – reduce dramatically with leads from relevant external sources. Bounce rates (the number of single-page sessions) have a detrimental effect on your website’s health and search engine ranking. It is of no use to you having to employ the best SEO tricks without relevant content for users to engage with. Link building and content marketing ensure this doesn’t happen. The lower your bounce rate, the more credibility and relevance Google assigns to your website when showing results.


While everyone is (rightfully) focused on SEO, to improve the health and sustainability of your e-commerce business, you need to spend time on link building too. These links help to build your credibility and relevance for improved Google search results rankings, driving more and more traffic to your website. You’ll also see increases in leads and sales as a direct result: users are finding your products or services with greater efficiency and accuracy. Reach out to your competitors and fellow businesses in your industry to begin a valuable link building campaign. While doing so, increase your content marketing to reap the rewards of higher sales.

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