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If you feel exhausted and your work-life balance seems to go off, you need a vacation. Many people often overlook the benefits of a vacation, but the truth is you need to take it for your physical and mental health. But, how can you go on a vacation? The guide can help you. But, before digging deeply, first, we need to understand what vacation means. 

What does a vacation mean?

Vacation means taking a break from your routine and work. It could last from several days to weeks, depending upon your choice. It does not necessarily mean to travel. If you are taking a day off from work to relax at home, it is also considered a vacation. 

Origin of the word vacation

The word vacation comes from the Latin word vacationem, which denotes being free from duty. It made its way into the English language in the 14th century and continued to develop until attaining the current meaning of exemption from work activity.

Almost every company provides their employees with the opportunity to take annual paid leaves, but some people do not take it. If they get leave encashment, they prefer to get an additional bonus. But, for work-life balance and greater productivity at work, you need vacations. It helps us to revitalize our energies and gain health benefits. What health benefits will you achieve through vacations? Let us find out. 

Health benefits of a vacation

Whether you take a vacation to stay at home, go on a city trip or a special trip, it comes with innumerable health benefits. Prioritize your overall well-being over some additional euros at the end of the year. You would be surprised to know that health benefits will indirectly help you attain your financial targets more quickly.

Reduce risks of coronary heart disease

In the UK, one in eight men and one in thirteen women die from coronary heart disease. Stress, a leading cause of heart disease, is prevalent in the workplace. Pressure to meet deadlines, develop a strong portfolio for promotions and targets to achieve in months or a year keeps us under constant stress. So, a de-stressing environment is pivotal for reducing the risk of developing coronary heart diseases.

Decrease anxiety and depression

In the race to make our retirement financially strong, we engage our brain in irrational thoughts and worry for a future that no one has control over. It leads to the development of anxiety and depression disorders which in the long term causes mental disability. A break from day-to-day activities is essential for regulating cortisol levels which causes anxiety and depression among people.

As nothing is more significant than physical and psychological well being, you need to take a vacation to ripen its health benefits fully. If you have made up your mind to use your holidays for travelling, you need to find reliable travel agents that offer attractive packages. But, how can you find one? Reviews can help. 

Use reviews to find the right travel company

Planning for the destination location is easy. But booking air tickets, accommodation, food, and car rental is tough, especially when you visit that place for the first time. The right travel company is a blessing as you may waste your time, energy and mood if you do not get the facilities as highlighted at the time of booking. BritainReviews is a platform that provides reviews of holidays and trips companies that will help you to choose the right travel company for your vacation.

If you are planning your vacation for the first time, it will become hard to decide which step to take first. The internet is full of information, but putting the pieces of information together can make your planning more challenging. A simple guide to vacation planning can make it a fun activity. 

A guide to vacation planning

Whether you are planning your trip on your own or using a travel agency company, you need to consider a few things before making the final decisions. These includes:


For a one day trip or a special trip stretching over weeks, deciding the destination is the foremost thing. Some people do not know where they are heading. Therefore, picking a specific location for a vacation gives you directions to work.


Your vacation planning depends heavily on the duration. A day or night out may cost you less than a special holiday or city trips. So, think about how long your vacation will last.

Number of people travelling

Planning for a solo trip varies considerably from planning with friends and family. Whether you enjoy trips alone or with a company depends on your choice. Travelling solo gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, from stopovers to accommodation to food choices. However, with a group, you have to go along with the majority decision. So in the end, the choice is all yours.


Your travel destination, duration of the trip, food and accommodation choices determines vacation expenses. Whether you want to stay in a luxurious hotel or a 3 or 4-star hotel alters your cost. How can you calculate it? It is easy. You google all the necessary information about the destination or talk to the travel agency regarding your preferences and cost. 

Vacation rentals

If you book your vacation rentals before the trip, you will have a place once you have reached your travel destination. If you are travelling with family or friends, places like holiday cottages are perfect places to spend your holidays. Not only do these places offer comfortable accommodation, but give other facilities to spend quality time.

Last-minute vacation deals

Before booking your vacation rentals and plane tickets, always check for last-minute vacations deals. Deals may include 70% off on your hotel booking or 50% off on seven days stay on the cruise. If you are flexible with the destination and duration of the trip, the last-minute vacations deals are worth a try.

Airplane tickets

Once you have booked your accommodation and looked for deals, you have to purchase your airline tickets. You certainly do not want to be on the flight by paying more than others. There are plane ticket companies that offer discounts, so compare the prices before purchasing them.

Inform your card company about your travel

To avoid any inconvenience during your transactions overseas, you should inform your card company about your travel. If you do not notify the company, it may result in blockage, and you may become stranded without money. It is better to keep multiple debit and credit cards as your backup.


Packing is an exciting activity, but you should not pack everything from your closet. Take a look at the weather condition of your destination, and then pack accordingly. It is preferable to travel light to avoid losing your favourite pair of shoes or dress on your vacation. 

This guide will help you plan any type of vacation, be it winter sports and active trips or city trips. Now that you know how to plan for your vacations, you can travel to different places and experience diversity in geography, culture and day-to-day living of these travel sites. Depending on your interest, you can choose a vacation that meets your travelling goals.

Travelling goals

Every individual is born with different likings and mindsets. So, here are some travelling goals that you can target. 

Cheap holiday

Everyone loves the idea of a small trip over a weekend as it is easier to plan and execute. For a trip over a weekend, you would look for a cheap holiday package that is economical. But does a cheap holiday mean substandard hotels and low-quality food? The company's comparison offering cheap holidays can help you pick the right one to avoid disappointment at the end of your trip. If you face difficulty in finding a cheap holiday, read how to find cheap holiday deals in the UK.

All-inclusive holiday

An all-inclusive holiday is ideal for people who do not want to take the stress of planning their vacation and have a fixed budget in mind. The inclusive holiday price includes everything from your stay, unlimited drinks, food, entertainment and activities. So, with an all-inclusive holiday, you know the cost upfront and can plan your extra money for bringing gifts for your family. But should you purchase an all-inclusive holiday package? Give a read to is an all-inclusive holiday a worthy purchase?

Group holiday

If you plan for a holiday with your friends without your parents or family, then a group holiday is a perfect choice for you. Make your memories long-lasting with your friends on a group holiday.

Winter sports and active holiday

Some love winter sports while others want hot weather. If you love winter sports, you can book your Christmas vacations to popular destinations such as France, Austria, Switzerland. For summer vacations, you can book your holidays on a beach with many sunny places.

City trips

City trips as a vacation is a popular choice among people as it is budget-friendly. If you love to explore different cities, you should plan a city trip at least once a year.

Special trips

Europeans' way of living varies considerably from areas outside Europe. So, a special trip to Japan, Australia or even Africa will provide you with an opportunity to explore a different culture, heritage and language.

Final thoughts

Vacations are vital for your overall well being. As vacation planning is not an easy task, a simple beginners guide will help you dig out information most relevant to your needs. Furthermore, if you want to plan your vacation through travel companies, you can use reviews to compare the best from the worst companies by reading the hands-on experience of people who went before you. As you may have different travelling goals, choose the one that best meets your wishes.

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