The next travel trend: Rural places or big cities?

The next travel trend: Rural places or big cities?

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The impact of the coronavirus on the different sectors of many countries' economies has been very significant. Bans were placed on intra-national and international travel, which implies that tourism was put on hold until the situation could be brought under control. The planned vacation trip that so many people could have planned down has to be suspended. Many people pick out rural areas in the United Kingdom as their new destinations for trips rather than staying back in their homes. They consider it a safer option for travelling to the big and popular cities for their vacation.

To those considering rural destinations as the "new normal" for vacation since the coronavirus's advent, there are significant benefits of visiting these places. Rural tourism allows you to see and experience the fantasies that you may have drummed up while affording you the opportunity of giving back to the community. In the village that is toured, they have the avenue to create more awareness of their culture, beliefs, and traditions. This awareness will encourage the conservation of the natural resource of that particular environment and improve its value. There will also be an increase in the appreciation of local goods and markets. You will find that many residents of these villages are gainfully employed when tourists visit the town.

The tourists themselves have a relaxing and enjoyable experience while improving their knowledge of the rural destination's cultures and practices they choose to visit. To this end, tourists are encouraged to join local celebrations, visit local restaurants, and engage the locals in long and friendly discussions. Due to the influx of more people from the urban region to the rural areas, you might have a situation where these places become urbanised or their resources been exploited. Regardless of these downsides, going rural for a vacation is excellent both for the town and tourists.

Fantastic Village Holiday Destinations in the UK

Contrary to popular opinion that you may only find vacation spots in the big cities, there are beautiful holiday villages in the UK with the traditional, fabulous UK landscapes that will keep a person awestruck. Love Holidays, a travel agency in the UK, will lead you to these fantastic destinations that you can only find in the UK—read about Love Holiday reviews here. Some of these places are;

  • Polperro, Cornwall

This is a fishing village with a beautiful harbour and clear water. It is lined beside the sea with fabulous cottages that mark its history on the world—planning for your holidays and trips? You may want to consider including this place to come to visit.

  • Clovelly, North Devon

Here, you will find sledges and donkeys on cobbled streets lined by beautiful cottages. It is home to a thriving fishing market, and a 400ft cliff path leads directly to the fishing harbour. It remains one of the grandest villages in the United Kingdom.

  • Cartmel, Lake district

The village of Cartmel is neck-deep in historical facts and matters. It has a priory that is as old as the 12th century. It is fast becoming a "foodie's" destination as it is home to great foods and meals.

  • Lynmouth, Devon

The landscape of Lynmouth is lined with hills and healthy green trees. It is lined against the sea, with a quiet grace that has to be experienced.

  • Bibury, Cotswolds

It has been described once as the most beautiful village in England. Bibury is home to the Arlington row, one of the most photographed places in the world. You will find it a relaxing place to spend your vacation.

  • Burnsall, Yorkshire

This is a small village that has the 84-mile Dales way pass right through its centre. Though small, it is stunning, and it also has an ancient history to add to its picturesque setting.

You can check out BritainReviews for the reviews of various travel agencies, like AMOMA, that you could patronise and get a gainful vacation experience. Read on AMOMA opinions here.

Safety Measures While Going on Holiday During this Pandemic

With the current state of the global economy as impacted by the coronavirus, lockdowns have been affected and lifted, while safety measures while travelling have been advocated. If you are travelling to any of the places mentioned above or any other vacation centres around the world, you should ensure to stay safe and keep others around you safe by;

  • You should ensure to keep a distance of 6ft (2 metres) from other people

  • Avoid contact with sick people

  • Limit contact with frequently touched surfaces

  • Wear a face mask

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes

  • Clean and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly

  • It would be best if you always carried a hand sanitiser around

If you are going through the air, you should be acquainted with the government's air travel guidelines as related to the pandemic. If you are going by road, whether in your car or by using public transport, you should ensure to maintain social distance, wear a face mask, carry a hand sanitiser around, handle your personal belongings yourself, use a disinfectant wipe on surfaces before touching them among many other safety precautions. You should ensure to remain safe as you can possibly manage.

Bottom Line

There are many activities that you can participate in as a visitor to the rural environment. It would be best if you endeavoured to take as many great pictures as you can of the people's landscape view and the places you visit. It will be best if you also participated in communal services, events and celebrations, et cetera—some events or places may require tickets, so get day and night excursion tickets to enable you to participate in these events. 

There are many places you can choose to travel to in October, which is in autumn, that will leave a spectacular and indelible mark on your person. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself while ensuring that you keep yourself and your family safe from the raging pandemic.

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