Advice and tips on winning travel grants

Advice and tips on winning travel grants

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How To Win Travel Grants

Writing motivation letters is not rocket science, and it should be easy if it's about something you love, such as travel experiences. Following these tips, you are on the right track to live the sweet life of a fellow traveler (and trust me, that's amazing). Whether you are looking for student scholarships, grants for students or graduates, here are our best tips for scholarships & travel grants for a trip abroad:

 - Apply for several awards.
The trick to increase your chances is to apply for many travel grants. This may be daunting at this point as there is a wait before winners and recipients are announced. However, you can put the odds on your side by casting a wide net in the hope of being noticed. It will also mean that if the same judges look over multiple awards, they will see your eagerness.

 - Customize your applications.
We know that it's tempting to reuse your application material for multiple institutions. Work smart not hard, as the old saying goes right? But this can be a problem if the same judges look over multiple grants, and see your strategy. Of course, you can reuse some data with minor adjustments, but we would recommend refining your application for each different application to make sure it appeals to that organisations ethos and values. If they see you've put the extra effort in, they'll more likely want to help you on your dream adventure.

 - Make sure the content is of a high quality
If you have any long-term replies or essays when applying for a scholarship, make sure you have spent time on the quality. The judges are unlikely to want to award you money if they fall asleep before the end of your writing.. Instead of telling us what you have "done", "run", "seen" or "worked on", use a more attractive terminology. Change the boring for something like "managed" or "generated" or "handled" or "guided". Search high and low for more colorful verbs and watch the arrival of travel grants.

 - Ask a friend to review your applications.
Regardless of how often you read your applications, there will be small, minor typos that ultimately could mean the difference between being a "winner" or a "loser." Do not let comma determine your future! Ask a friend for help (or two bonus points if one of your "friends" is your teacher) so you can refine and refine your final copy. This may delay your request, but this step can bring you hundreds of pounds. In short, it's worth it.

 - Follow-up with the sponsor or the company.
Each company likes the additional contact point for a follow-up message, as it shows your putting in the extra effort and for their institution in particular. Search the websites for an email account associated with the organization that grants and send a short and user-friendly message. Travel abroad should not cost a fortune. With the help of college school students and high school students, you could travel abroad for the next big adventure (English teachingin Korea, perhaps?). Whatever your goal is, you will most likely maximize your chances of attracting student scholarships. To look like the money is coming!

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